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How to stack a tiered cake

Cake Decorating Basics: Stacking Cakes

Suppose you do get brave enough to try your first tiered cake. Once all the tiers are complete, how do you safely get one on top of the other? No, it is not a stupid question! If you’ve never done it before there can be many factors that aren’t obvious. Today we will show you…

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How to panel a cake in fondant

Cake Decorating Basics: How to Panel

This week we’re going to show you an easier way to cover a double barrel cake in fondant. If you’ve ever tried to drape a double barrel you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you have never attempted a double barrel cake or are thinking, “what the heck is a double barrel cake?”, we…

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Hanging Christmas Wreath Cake

Your Guests Won’t Believe it’s a Cake

It’s time for Christmas dinner. Your guests start arriving and compliment the lovely wreath on your door, or maybe it’s just hanging in the dining room and guests think it’s just like any other Christmas decor. Then comes dessert time and you pull the wreath down and set it on the table. Can you imagine…

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Indian Bride Cake

Incredible Indian Bride Cake

Liz recently participated in the international Incredible India Collaboration presented by the Global Sugar Artists Network and hosted by Tina Scott Parashar’s Cake Design. Liz chose to create a beautiful Indian bride bust cake that is nothing short of jaw-dropping. The detail and realism in the piece is incredible! Much of the piece including the signature…

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How to make a double barrel cake

Cake Decorating Basics: Easy Double Barrel

The mystifying Double Barrel Cake. How in the heck do you make a cake SO tall?! With straight sides and a level top nonetheless?! Then always comes the question, “How do you serve a cake that tall? Aren’t the slices way too big?!” Alright, settle down. Today we are going to show you exactly how…

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How to get sharp fondant edges

Cake Decorating Basics: How to get Sharp Edges

So you’ve gone to all the trouble to do the upside down method to ice your cake with buttercream (because we showed you how to do that in THIS blog post) and you put your fondant on your cake (and we showed you how to do that in THIS blog post) and you notice that…

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How to cover a cake in fondant

Cake Decorating Basics: Covering a Cake in Fondant

Covering a cake in fondant can be super intimidating and scary if you’ve never done it or even more so if you have tried it and failed miserably which I can honestly say is probably everyone when they first start out. If you nailed it perfectly the first time you covered a cake in fondant…

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Chocolate Oyster Shell

Chocolate Oyster Shell Tutorial

The queen of realistic food cakes, Joyce Marcellus of Toxic Sweets Shop, has graced us with this fabulous Chocolate Oyster Shell Tutorial that requires no special mold! Liz recently used this in the Beachy Wedding Cake Tutorial and it couldn’t be easier or more genius! Take a large piece of foil and fold it twice,…

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Small Cake Tips

Cake Decorating Basics: The Secret to Small Cakes

Do you find yourself struggling while making little cakes? Do you ever just want to pick it up and throw it across the room? Hey, we’ve all been there, it’s just the nature of small cakes. They don’t have enough weight to stand up to being pushed around, it’s not their fault. So put down…

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