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How to do a final coat of buttercream

Cake Decorating Basics: Smooth Final Coat of Buttercream

So what comes after all the baking, torting, trimming, filling and crumb coating? The final glorious coat of buttercream! Today we will take you through the steps of how to do a basic smooth final coat of buttercream whether you plan to fondant your cake or not. If you’ve missed all the previous steps leading…

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how to schedule your cake work week

How To Schedule Your Week For Success

You might think that because I’m a self-employed cake decorator, I must have a super flexible schedule.
Well, you’re right and you’re wrong.
The truth is, I am ruled by one thing (ok maybe two things) My calendar and my daughter.
Everything I do is scheduled. That might sound like a lot of work but really, it takes all the work out of it

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How to Avoid Blowouts

Cake Decorating Basics: Avoiding Cake Blowouts

You’ve just finished the basic prep of your cake, the mixing, baking, leveling, torting, filling, crumb coating, final coating and fondanting, yes I am making that a word now, and you think everything is hunky dory and just as you go to add your final decorations you see it… a BLOWOUT, dun dun dunnnn. Or…

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how to get published in cake magazines

7 Easy Ways To Get Your Cakes Published In Magazines (2017)

I love to hear people’s goals for their cake careers. Whether it’s to open a bakery, start teaching more, compete or get published in a magazine. It’s great to have a goal in your mind that drives your daily actions and gives you motivation to work towards something that means something to you AND get’s your closer to your other goals.

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Cake Basics: How to Crumb coat a Cake

Cake Decorating Basics: Filling and Crumb Coating

So last week we torted and trimmed our cake layers and they have been sitting in the fridge for a week waiting to be filled and crumb coated. I’m kidding, these videos were filmed awhile ago but the point is that the next step in the series is filling and crumb coating, woohoo! Liz takes you…

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Cake Basics: How to trim and torte a cake

Cake Decorating Basics: Leveling and Torting

What comes after making your airless buttercream? Baking your cakes of course! Well, I mean you could technically bake your cakes then make your buttercream but we had to pick an order so we did. Our next basics tutorial covers baking tips, leveling and torting your cakes. Baking Tips Prefer to use a box mix?…

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airless space buttercream

Cake Decorating Basics: Airless Space Buttercream

Do you struggle with having too much air in your buttercream making it hard to get a smooth finish or possibly causing air bubbles under your fondant? Well fret no more! Learning how to make airless space buttercream is the second installment in our basics series! Here we show you just how to solve that…

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Cake Tool Review

Cake Decorating Basics: Must Have Tools

Are you just starting out as a cake decorator? Do you still struggle with the basics of cake decorating such as getting level cakes, straight edges or even just how to cut the dang things?! Do you know what cake is?! Okay, that was a sarcastic stretch, but DO YOU?! Well strap in cake decorators…

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Naked Wedding Cake

Why You Should ALWAYS Serve Cake At A Wedding

We recently came across a post that’s entire purpose was to eradicate the existence of cake at weddings. Yes, you read that correctly, a mass genocide of wedding cakes if you will. Some wrongs just have to be righted and so, in this post, I will explain exactly why you should always and forever serve cake…

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Crackled Fondant Cake

She Cracked the Crackle

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that for quite some time Liz and I tried to be the first ones to come out with an effective crackle technique to no avail. Then they started showing up everywhere and we were left in the dust, womp womp. However! Liz by accident came up with…

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