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The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer – Pros and Cons

You may have noticed a new mixer in my kitchen in a lot of my latest recipe videos like my fresh strawberry cake recipe and applesauce spice cake. I’ve been testing out a new mixer called the Bosch Universal Plus. What drew me to this mixer was its unique open-top design, large capacity, and powerful motor. I had also heard that Bosch mixers were really good mixers. Did the Bosch live up to expectations? Read on to see what I loved about the Bosch and what I didn’t love.

bosch mixer review

Why did I get a new mixer?

Everyone by now has probably seen my green Kitchenaid, Oscar. He’s been with me since the beginning and is very near and dear to my heart. I originally purchased him for $50 on craigslist over 10 years ago! I couldn’t afford a brand new mixer at the time. He’s really held up well considering how much I’ve used him for!

I developed my first vanilla cake recipe in Oscar, published my first book Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide To Cake Decorating using Oscar and even invented my now-famous LMF marshmallow fondant recipe in that little green mixer. I even taught my daughter how to bake on this little mixer. He’s been a real champ for sure!

4 year old girl baking sugar cookies

He has some problems though, he’s prone to wobbling when I mix on high and has even fallen off the countertop a couple of times! I call this the mixer dance ha! The metal rod that hinges the head of the mixer constantly wiggles it’s way out and I have a special hammer I use to knock it back in.

But mostly I just don’t love stopping to scrape the mixing bowl and I have a hard time getting my ingredients in the bowl without making a huge mess.

I did get a big 6 qt lift style Kitchenaid a few years back for Christmas (bless Dan’s heart) but it made such a loud screeching noise when it was on high, I couldn’t stand it. I gave it away.

How did I hear about this Bosch mixer?

The first time I saw a Bosch mixer, it was in one of iambaker’s cake videos. I was amazed that I could see INSIDE her bowl during the video! But I had no idea what mixer it was. The next time I saw a Bosch mixer, it was at the Everything Food Conference. Bosch was a vendor and I finally got to see one of these mixers up close and personal.

bosch universal plus mixer black

After watching a demo and hearing about all the perks of the mixer (large bowl, powerful motor, removable lid etc) I knew I wanted to try one out! Luckily, I was enrolled in Foodie Bootcamp that year and got to make a great connection with a Bosch representative. They sent me a mixer to try out and give an honest review.

What’s it like using a Bosch Mixer?

I admit I was overwhelmed with all the new attachments, bowl design, and scrapers. It’s a little strange to go from one type of mixer that you know inside and out and learn a new one. I started out with recipes like my easy buttercream and WASC recipe since I wasn’t sure if the new mixer would need me to make adjustments to mixing times.

bosch mixer review

I was genuinely shocked at how much I loved the Bosch mixer right off the bat. Not only is the motor powerful but it doesn’t even bog down when you have the bowl FULL of buttercream or cake batter. The double mixing action makes scraping completely unnecessary. Buttercream comes together and is light and fluffy in about half the time as my other mixer.

What do I love and not love about the Bosch mixer?

bosch universal plus bakers pack

What I Love:

  • Capacity! 6.5 quarts, it just holds. SO. MUCH!
  • Efficient mixing, double paddles/whisks, scraper attachments. Automatically scrapes for you! (note: carefully put the scraper attachment on as I demonstrate in the video, I’ve broken one before from just pulling it off and on!)
  • The mixer is super powerful and you don’t have to turn it up high to get the results you are needing.
  • No more mixer dance! The mixer has handy dandy suction cups on the bottom that keep the mixer in place.
  • It comes with a splash guard/top to prevent huge messes which I tend to make often.
  • The dual mixer really folds the batter as it’s mixing so it is extremely efficient and really incorporates all the ingredients really well. It makes the batter consistent all the way through.
  • Sound difference. It’s so quiet compared to my 6-quart kitchen aid.
  • Easy clean-up. I just give the attachments a quick soap up and spray them down with hot water then leave them to air dry.
  • The price! Compared to a 6qt Kitchenaid, the price of this Bosch with all the attachments is a really good deal!
  • Compact design. Because the mixer is not as tall as my Kitchenaid, I can easily store it in my lower cabinet when I’m not using it and it’s not as heavy.

What I Don’t Love As Much: 

  • The splash guard can get in the way sometimes if I have it on and need to add in more ingredients as it’s mixing.
  • I wish the bowl had a handle so I could pour the batter into cake pans a bit easier.
  • I don’t love that the mixing accessories and attachments are plastic, so you do need to be a bit more cautious when you are assembling and disassembling the components.
  • A metal bowl would be fantastic so I could make Italian meringue buttercream.

Bosch Mixer Bakers Pack

Main features of the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Bakers Pack

*Note: The Bakers Pack is no longer available at this time, but you can buy all of the attachments and the Bosch Universal Plus mixer separately using my affiliate link.

For you technical people out there, I’ve broken down the main features of the Bosch Mixer Universal Plus with the bonus attachments.

  • Metal Whip Drive
  • (2) Cookie Paddle Attachments
  • (2) Cake Paddle Attachments
  • Bowl Scraper (compatible with all attachments)
  • Sturdy 6.5 quart Mixing Bowl
  • Dough Hook
  • (2) Wire Whips
  • Splash Cover and Removeable Lid

Technical Features of the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer:

  • 6.5 quarts
  • Powerful 800 Watt Motor
  • 4 speeds & Pulse/Momentary Switch
  • Belt drive transmission
  • Overload and restart motor protection
  • 4 suction cup feet keep machine securely in place
  • Bowls and most accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Removable drive shaft for easy cleaning
  • 3-year warranty on motor and transmission
  • 1-year warranty on attachments and other parts
  • Dozens of attachments and accessories available
  • Ergonomic, unique, modern design.
  • The motor is located beneath the bowl— making it more compact and lightweight.

Total Cost: $455 

Standard Kitchenaid Features of the 600 Pro Series Lift-Bowl 6 qt Mixer From Kitchenaid

What I don’t love about my KitchenAid is even though there are 10 speeds, the motor bogs down when the bowl is full. The head gets in the way of adding ingredients. My mixer wobbles when it’s on high speed and overheats. I have to stop the mixer and scrape the bowl to make sure everything is incorporating and this often leads to spilling or getting my hand dunked in the cake batter. The spiral dough hook (pictured below) is absolutely useless for making bread or fondant. The dough just sticks to it and spins in a circle.

Kitchenaid 600 series

These are the standard attachments that the Pro 600 Series 6 qt Kitchenaid Bowl- Lift mixer comes with

  • 6 qt Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Coated Flat Beater
  • Coated Powerknead
  • Spiral Dough Hook
  • Wire Whip
  • Pouring Shield

Extra items like artisan dough hook and bowl scraper are extra (about $45)

Technical Features

  • Bowl lift design
  • 10 speeds
  • 1-year warranty
  • 575-watt motor
  • Direct-drive transmission
  • All-metal body

Total Cost: $499 ($544 with additional attachments)

Final thoughts

I’m genuinely thrilled with this mixer. Does that mean you NEED to have it too? Not necessarily. You might be in the $50 second-hand mixer stage of your baking career and that’s OK! I get it! It’s taken me 12 years to finally find the perfect mixer for me!

I hope you found this mixer review helpful. This is my honest and true advice and review. I was not paid to write this review but I was given a free mixer to try (full transparency). I only recommend products and tools that I genuinely like. If you end up trying out this mixer, I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

Enjoy this video I made testing out the mixer capacity and features!

47 comments on “Bosch Mixer Review

  1. It sounds amazing. But as you say. I make a lot of Italian butter cream. Plus, I seem to be a beast when I am using my baking equipment. So Bosch, when you become all stainless steel . I will purchase in a heart beat . For now my Viking mixer (Wonder Woman) will be my #1. Thanks you much for your in-depth review !!! You are my #1 you tube teacher. You never let me down

  2. I actually have the KitchenAid 600 series one. I love it but like you said the scraping all the time n it’s harder to put Ingredients in without s mess. It does wobble on high speed! Is that a metal bowl in the one image? I want a Bosch so bad n would have gotten one if my AC didn’t die on me n had to be replaced! Thank you for the comparison of the 2! Great information!! Keep up the Amazing work!! ♥️

  3. I have the smaller Bosch mixer. Going 15 years strong, it’s what got me into baking. I have RA and hand mixing cookie dough was extremely painful, so my mom gifted me the Bosch. Until this day I use it for my cookie recipe. I have cuisinart stand mixer for cake and buttercream, but it’s a 5 quart. I have been eyeing the new Bosch you just reviewed. So I am definitely going to save for it, or have Santa get me one. Thanks for the great review.

  4. Thank you for doing this review. Was wanting to know how much how well you like the mixer. Where did you purchase your Bosch? Why did you pick this model?
    Thank You Sandra ?

    1. I did not purchase this mixer, it was given to me after I made a connection with bosch at the everything food conference (I state this in the blog post) This is the model that I saw demonstrated at the conference.

  5. This looks like a fantastic mixer! Sometimes I start my SMBC with the whisk attachment and then switch to the paddle. Are you able to make accessory switches with this new machine?

    Thanks for your great review!

  6. I never knew Bosch made a mixer until you posted the review. I own some of their products and love them, so it’s no surprise they make a great mixer. I was going to update my KA mixer to a bigger qt., but after reading your post, I’m very much likely to invest in Bosch mixer. Glad they now have a stainless bowl, however, it’d be NICE if the bowl had a handle!!! How do you pour batter out? Scoop out?

  7. Thank you for the review. I have this exact mixer and agree with you on all the pros and cons. My cookie dough recipe calls for a firmer butter, so I find the metal dough hook works best in this case. I also absolutely love how all the ingredients mix together so perfectly.

  8. I think I need this in my life! I had the Kitchen Aid Pro Series 600 for just under 2 years when the motor died. Huge disappointment and a lot of money spent. I have reverted back to my original Kitchen Aid Ultra Power and it hasn’t let me down but I neeed more holding capacity. Thanks Liz for helping me come to a decision!! xoxo

  9. How does it perform using smaller amounts of batter?

  10. I have seen this mixer and wasn’t sure if I would like it. I bought one after watching your review. I LOVE it. It is amazing how well it mixes and – no bowl scraping. Batters and buttercream are so smooth. I totally agree a handle would be the only thing this mixer needs to be perfect. If they ever offer that bowl, I would order it immediately!

  11. Thank you! I bake daily (a home baker), but my business is really picking up. I could not have done any of this without you. You are the ultimate in teaching and I am so grateful that I found you! I recommended your site to many friends and family. I am always interested in something that will make Baking go a little bit easier and smoother…. especially since I am a perfectionist. Sound familiar? LOL I appreciate your review and will consider getting this mixer.

    You are a mentor and THE baking Goddess! My kids know that you are THE authority and note “Thank God for Liz!” They love to try new things and know that you are my source of baking magic! ?

  12. Ok, girlfriend, how do we enter the Bosch Giveaway?

    1. Head on over to my Instagram and find the giveaway post from monday and follow the directions to enter! Hurry up! Only a couple of days left!

  13. We have owned a Bosch for five years and Love it! I know this is a baking site, but I can tell you if you ever get into bread baking this is also the best mixer on the planet for that as well. All Bread, rolls, coffee cakes, etc., are so easy to mix and get right in the Bosch. As a side note, hot boneless meat can be shredded in seconds in the Bosch with the wire whips. I highly recommend this mixer for any home baker, amateur or experienced. P.S. in case you missed the post, a metal bowl is available.

    1. Thank you for the tips Jeff! I just got my metal bowl and I’m excited to try it with an Italian meringue recipe. I’m just now starting to incorporate more recipes on the blog aside from bread and I’m pretty excited about using the bosch! My KA dough hook was not… good lol

      1. ?I just checked and the deal with all attachment for $375 is not available.

      2. The mixer has been sold out since Christmas but if you call them they can fill your order. Let them know Sugar Geek Show sent you 🙂

      3. I just saw you use the Bosch mixer in a video and wanted to know what it was immediately. As I then watched your you tube video, I found myself saying ‘yes’ to everything you were saying about the KA. I’d like to call to get one but am confused with the price. Is the deal $375? Thank you.

  14. I really like the way this one mixes and blends, but the plastic parts concern me. I don’t love how those whips attach into a plastic head. The mixer itself seems to be made plastic. But I like the open top for adding ingredients, and the 800-watt motor. I, too, would be more likely to give up my KitchenAid if this was all metal and if I felt it would last like my KitchenAid, which is 28 years old and still going strong. I’m glad you did this review, though — I will definitely be keeping an eye on it!

  15. Hi Liz, you’ve convinced me. I tried to use your affiliate link but it isn’t working. Is there a new one I should use?

  16. Hi Liz,
    I’m trying to purchase your special link for the bosch universal plus with all the attachments…but it says it doesn’t exist. How can I purchase the same deal that you have for $455 the White one you have on your video with the attachments? I really want one!!!

    1. The bakers pack is currently sold out but I am told should be restocked by July 10th if you can wait that long <3

  17. Is there a link for the Black Stainless steel mixer?

  18. 5 stars
    I love your honesty and transparency.
    You’ve helped me so much. Thank you.

  19. I LERRRRRVE my Bosch. I saw this witchcraft on a baking FB page and ordered immediately. Then I broke the paddles. Butter really does need to be soft. Amazon already delivered more and I have ordered the metal drive. (Mine came with plastic and one of the pins comes out since I broke the paddles). So, be sure your butter is soft and enjoy your brand new kitchen without the powdered sugar clouds! Sugar Geek, thank you for making it your business to know all the things and so generously report it all to us.🖤

  20. Hi…well now…I just have to have the Bosch mixer w/Bakers Package…but it’s not available at your special pricing. I called the company and they said to check back with you as it gets closer to Black Friday, as there probably/may be a special. Will you keep us posted? Really looking forward to getting the whole package. Thank you!

    1. I will definitely keep you guys posted. The pandemic has really had an effect on production (understandably) and everyone is baking so the demand is way up! If you go to and sign up for my newsletter (I promise I don’t spam you) I will send out an announcement with the sale when they have it.

  21. Thanks so much for replying. I signed up for your newsletter and will be looking forward to any announcement of a sale.

  22. I tried the affiliate link you included and it’s no longer working. Is there an updated link?

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