This Lumberjack Cake Looks Cozy On The Inside

It’s here, my lumberjack cake! Ohhhh I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok

Seriously though, I might not be okay. I have a slight addiction. Well, slight would be an understatement really. Is there a word for a plaid obsession? I think it’s taking over my life!

Plaid themed Christmas cards. I get bonus points for getting the dog and the baby to look at the camera.

lumberjack christmas card

My hubs might very well be a lumberjack… oh my. I mean he DID technically chop down that Christmas tree. That counts right??

my husband as a lumberjack

Everywhere I look #PlaidAllTheThings

plaid lumberjack cake on instagram
*This photo has been shared over a million times on social media in less than 48 hours! Crazy! People love lumberjacks LOL

It’s all About the Plaid

Maybe it’s because I’m an Oregonian.
Maybe because it’s the hottest trend on Pinterest right now.
It could be because I have a crush on #FashionSanta and I know his favorite color is plaid.
Or maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 90’s and if I start wearing mauve lipstick and JNCO jeans, someone please send help.

When hubs chopped down that Christmas tree all lumberjack like, my obsession with plaid became clear. I’m in love with lumberjacks. It makes sense: I love trees, I love beards, and I love plaid.

This lumberjack cake is a culmination of almost all my obsessions. If I could have worked in a mermaid I would have.

Lumberjack Cakes with Plaid Inside: It Needed to Happen

The latest tutorial coming to the Sugar Geek Show! Chocolate-y log with edible axe and a BIG OL’ SLICE of lumberjack cake awesomeness in the middle! That’s right, plaid cake. (you may faint now)

plaid cake on the inside

I would like to say this pattern was super simple to make but well… let’s just say a lot of cake and a lot of scribbled notes ended up in the trash. Damn you maths! Why must you confuse me so?!

plaid lumberjack cake on sugar geek show

Ever measured a piece of cake with a ruler and a compass? Neither have I… Only crazy obsessed weirdos would go to such extremes to perfect the perfect plaid cake masterpiece!

lumberjack cake tutorial

Seriously Rustic Textures

I know that plaid is kind of the show-stopper but f’real, this tutorial is the real deal. I got all kinds of cool stuff packed in here: airbrushing, modeling chocolate, fondant, hand-detailing and of course, crazy realistic textures! It’s kinda my thing.

You could even make this cake with my scratch vanilla cake recipe, or chocolate cake, because it’s easy to dye the different squares different colors.

how to make an edible axe

Yes, that’s edible. I know you where thinking it and It’s ok.

edible axe handle

Lumberjack Cake Available Now for Sugar Geeks

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Liz Marek

Liz Marek

Liz is the owner of Artisan Cake Company in Portland, Oregon. Published author of Artisan Cake Company's Visual Guide to Cake Decorating, winner of multiple awards in cake decorating and cake design and regular contributor to American Cake Decorating magazine. Host of the Sugar Geek Show.

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