Dinosaur Egg Cake Tutorial

This Dinosaur Egg Cake With Baby Dinosaur Topper Is Perfect For A Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Learn to make a fun sculpted dinosaur egg cake using simple cake structure techniques. The dinosaur topper made from rice cereal and isomalt eyes and watercolor scales can be made ahead of time and placed on top of the egg cake before setting up.

dinosaur egg cake

Materials List

One – 8” Chocolate Dome Cake
Two – 8” Chocolate Cake Rounds
12 oz White Chocolate Melts
White Chocolate Ganache
Fondant- Black, White
Edible Artist Decorative Paint- Brown, White
Crushed Graham Crackers
Mini Marshmallows
Rice Cereal
Melted Chocolate
Chow Mein Noodles
Slivered Almonds
Edible Water Color- Blue
Airbrush Colors- Blue & Yellow
6 oz isomalt
4 lbs modeling chocolate 


1- 6”x1/4” Hex bolt
1- ¼” nuts
1- ¼” split lock washers
2- ¼” fender washers
12” cake board
2- ⅜” Dowels
Aluminum foil tape
Support Straws


Offset spatula
Serrated knife
Exacto blade
Rolling pin
Thin acetate smoother
Creme brulee torch
Cornstarch poof
Modeling tools
3/4” flat paint brush
Dinosaur Eye Mold- Simi Cakes
Dinosaur Eye Transfer Sheets
Reptile Skin Impression Mat
¼” drill bit
Power Drill
Pliers or ¼” wrench
Air Brush
Paper Towel

How To Make A Dinosaur Topper

dinosaur topper

To make our dinosaur egg cake the first thing you have to do is make the dinosaur baby topper from rice cereal treats. I was deeply inspired by the work of Clay Works By Jen on Instagram. Her cute dinosaur sculptures where the perfect combination of cute and realistic for my daughter Avalon’s big dinoFOUR birthday party!

First I made the baby raptor topper out of rice cereal treats. After shaping the head I carved it down a bit and added the isomalt eyes. Then I built up the features of the face like the brows, cheeks and jaw with modeling chocolate.

dinosaur topper

Then I added some white fondant over the top of my sculpture and textured it with a marvelous molds reptile skin mat. The texture makes the perfect surface to add some color. First I added a little yellow airbrush color to the top of the head and nose then I painted on some blue edible watercolors. Then I removed the excess color with a slightly damp paper towel to bring out the texture.

dinosaur topper

How To Make A Dinosaur Egg Cake

To make the dinosaur egg cake I wanted to make sure that the egg could hold it’s shape under the weight of all the cake and the topper. I placed the 8″ dome cake into a dome pan lined with some plastic wrap. Then I poured in some white chocolate candy melts and placed the cake inside the chocolate so that it coats the cake. Chill until set. After the cake is set I can stack the rest of the cakes with white chocolate ganache and stack on top of the dome cake.

dinosaur egg cake

I want the cake board to have a cool texture so I used my torched fondant technique on some black fondant. To get that realistic dirt look, I brushed the surface with brown and white edible artist decorative paint and some crushed graham crackers. Place it onto the board and trim off the excess fondant.

Drill a hole in the center of the cake board and attach the 8″ bolt. This bolt secures the cake into place and keeps it from falling over. Combine some melted marshmallows with chow mein noodles and slivered almonds. Place the mixture around the base of the cake board to make the nest.

dinosaur egg cake

Place the cake on top of the noodles to secure them. Crumb coat the cake. Roll out some modeling chocolate to build up a jagged shell and wrap it around the top of the cake. Build up the outside of the cake with white chocolate ganache to blend the seam between the chocolate and the cake.

dinosaur egg cake

I decided to airbrush the inside of the cake with some blue airbrush color to give the topper some definition. Place the dinosaur topper on top. Don’t forget to put straws under the topper to support the weight. I colored my dino with some yellow airbrush color and hand-painted on some blue edible watercolor. Wipe off the excess color with a damp paper towel.

Finish off the dinosaur cake by painting a blue stripe down the side of the cake with the airbrush and outline with white edible artist decorative paint. Add some tiny teeth around his mouth to complete his adorable face.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

dinosaur birthday party

I loved making this cake for Avalon’s fourth birthday party! I paired this dinosaur egg cake with another sculpted blue raptor cake. The table was decorated with tons of gorgeous hand-painted dinosaur cookies from the amazing Sara Sweets.

dinosaur cookies

The whole party was at a rental house on the Oregon coast with friends and family all around. Avalon had such a great time and LOVED all her dinos! Who says dinosaurs aren’t for girls.

Be sure to watch the full video tutorial on how to make this dinosaur egg cake.

dinosaur egg cake