Koala Cake Tutorial

Koala cake tutorial to help raise awareness for the Australian bush fires help and rescue

koala cake tutorial

Hey sugar geeks! I wanted to make this video to help bring awareness to the horrible fires going on in Australia right now. I know sometimes it can feel like there isn’t anything we can do to help when we are far away but every little bit helps.

Check out the links below to support the efforts to putting out fires and helping save the Koalas and other wildlife.

You can help the devastated animal population by giving to wildlife rescue and treatment groups like
*fact sources CNN

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital 
Currumbin Wildlife Hospital
Australian Red Cross 

Materials and supplies

Tree trunk – Three 6″ round cakes
Koala Body – Four 6″ round cakes
Koala head – Two 6″ round cakes
Four lbs chocolate
Two batches easy buttercream
Two batches rice cereal treats for sculpting 
10 lbs fondant
1/2″ sheet cake boards avare cake board 
1/4″ pvc pipe
1/4″ adaptors (one male adaptor, two 45º, one “T”)
1/8″ armature wire
18 guage floral wire
tylose powder
Green food coloring
Edible water colors or airbrush colors 
brown airbrush color
edible glitter
black fondant
2 ounces white chocolate
Clear isomalt
Black isomalt 
PME clear glaze spray

Pvc cutters
Modeling tools
x-acto blade
creme brulee torch
2″ silicone sphere molds for eyes
1″ cabachon mold
paint brushes
aluminum foil tape