Nicholas Lodge Gumpaste Recipe

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Nicholas Lodge Gumpaste Recipe Cake Tutorial
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Nicholas Lodge Gumpaste

Learn how to make my favorite gumpaste recipe by Nicholas Lodge. Perfect for making beautiful sugar flowers. This gumpaste dries very fast, makes very thin petals and is very strong.


  • 2 lbs powdered sugar
  • 2-3 tsp vegetable shortening
  • 12 tsp Confectionary Arts tylose powder Make sure the 12 tsp are level (30 grams)
  • 4 egg whites fresh egg whites are best


  1. Add 4 egg whites to a stand mixer bowl.

    Mix the egg whites for 1-2 minutes using a paddle attachment to break them up. You must use a paddle attachment.

    break up eggs for a few seconds in stand mixer
  2. Pour all the powdered sugar in except for about 1 cup.

  3. Mix the powdered sugar and egg whites at medium-high (about 6 or 7 on a Kitchenaid mixer) until you get a royal icing consistency.

    royal icing
  4. Sprinkle the tylose into the royal slowly until the mixture starts to clump.

    turn speed up to high until mixture thickens
  5. Remove from the mixing bowl.

  6. Put shortening on your hands and knead until consistent.

  7. Knead in more sugar if it's too soft or wet. It will feel spongy and have a pocked look, that is normal.

    spinkle powdered sugar onto your work surface
  8. Place gumpaste in a zip-lock bag and then put into the refrigerator overnight to mature. This step is mandatory.

    wrap in plastic wrap in a sealed plastic bag
  9. Bring to room temperature before use. Knead until smooth with a bit of shortening on your fingers.

Recipe Notes

Tips: always store gumpaste in the fridge while not in use in an airtight container so it does not go bad.

You can freeze it if you're not going to use it for a long time.

Last for 6 months or longer in the fridge.

Bring to room temperature before using.

Put a little shortening on your hands and knead it onto the gumpaste until it's smooth and satin-y before you roll it out to make petals to prevent cracking.

Skill level: Newb
Learn how to make my favorite gumpaste recipe by Nicholas Lodge. Perfect for making beautiful sugar flowers. This isn’t my recipe, I just love using it. This gumpaste works very well, makes thin petals and is very strong.

Pair some beautiful sugar flowers up with my white cake recipe and you’ve got a winning combination!

Nicholas Lodge gumpaste recipe to make amazing sugar flowers

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3 reviews on “Nicholas Lodge Gumpaste Recipe

  1. I followed this the only thing I saw different was my mix with egg whites and powder it was not like royal icing it went pretty thick fast. But it turned out ok in end . How would you stop it from drying our is my question of added it to a bag with no air and then placed into air tight container.

    1. Did you use the brand of tylose recommended in the recipe? If not then your results may not be accurate. To store I wrap in plastic wrap and then in a ziplock bag and store in the fridge until I need it.

  2. Have not try it but I believe is going to work have been looking for the recipe I got different recipe but pls can you give online Traning in craft pls

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