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almond paste recipe

Almond Paste Recipe

Recipe call for almond paste? Don’t buy it! You can make it with only four ingredients! Don’t ever buy expensive almond paste again.

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closeup of easy homemade fudgy chocolate brownies

Easy Homemade Brownies

Easy fudgy homemade brownies from scratch. These brownies are chewy, chocolatey and have a crinkly top. The batter comes together in a few minutes and tastes way better than boxed brownies.

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apple filling in glass jar with lid and black label on front that says apple filling

Apple Filling

Got Apples? Make a big batch of apple filling and use it for all the things! Apple pie, apple cake and desserts. Freeze or can and enjoy all year long!

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muffin cut in half to show the fluffy texture inside

Basic Muffin Recipe

Use this basic muffin recipe as a base for unlimited flavor combinations by mixing in your favorite flavors like blueberries or chocolate chips! These muffins are light, fluffy and buttery. So delicious!

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