Avoiding Blowouts

Skill level: Newb

Ever made a perfect cake only to see a few minutes later or maybe a few hours a HUGE bubble on the side! DON’T PANIC! These are called blowouts and they can be avoided! This video will show you how!

18:08 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to avoid air bubbles in your finished cake tiers
  • A simple trick that makes working with box cake mix much easier
  • Tips on how to apply buttercream to your cakes that won’t create air bubbles

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Anti-blowout cake prep 0:30
  2. Getting a fine crumb with box cake 1:22
  3. Scratch-cake comments 6:52
  4. How to avoid air bubbles while stacking 9:56
  5. Crumbcoating the cake 14:42
  6. Final tips on getting air bubble out 15:58