Cake Sketching

Skill level: Newb

After the cake tasting, you most likely have a scribbled half-sketch with some quick notes and ideas written down.

Providing the client with a digital refined cake sketch is crucial to getting sign-off, especially on a new or creatively out-there design.

Learn how to knock out a cake sketch in Photoshop with a Monoprice graphics tablet.

33:01 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to refine a cake sketch design in Photoshop
  • Learn how to quickly pull in reference photos and make them look sketched
  • How to sell the benefits of a high-quality sketch to a client

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Getting started on the cake sketch 0:14
  2. Working with Photoshop layers 3:34
  3. Getting image assets 5:19
  4. Coloring the cake tiers 9:16
  5. Sketching buttercream 11:10
  6. Adding the flowers 17:12
  7. Adding gold leaf 20:11
  8. Selling the benefits of a cake sketch 26:05
  9. Getting final approval 30:34