Squid Contessa Cake Timelapse

Skill level: Newb

The Squid Contessa was created for the Sugar Spooks 2016 Collaboration and was based off the artwork of Omar Rayyan. She is made from modeling chocolate, fondant and a structure of aluminum foil and foam because I wanted to keep her forever and ever haha! I used Magic Chocolate to mold the tentacles and face and she is painted with cocoa butter.

You can purchase the skull mold from www.decoratethecake.com

21:38 Minutes of Instruction over Timelapse

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a cohesive color palette when painting a design
  • Structure for the tentacles of the Squid Contessa construction
  • Tips on how to work with cocoa butter for hand painting onto modeling chocolate
  • Liz Marek talks about the overall approach of working on an intense project

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