5 Black Cake Trends We Love

Black is bold and it has come into the cake world in many different forms lately. Today we check out 5 black cake trends that have captured our hearts.

The Black Unicorn Cake

We love the unicorn cake trend, and I may be the only cake decorator not completely sick of it yet but that’s probably because I still haven’t gotten a single order for one. I know right? People catch on to cake trends a little slow where I live, sigh. But what’s even more eye catching than the unicorn cake? The BLACK unicorn cake. I mean why not? If we can fantasize about white unicorns that don’t really exist, we can certainly fantasize about black unicorns that don’t really exist.

Black Unicorn Cake

The Black Drip Cake

Drip cakes have been turning up all over and you mostly see them with bright colors or just regular old chocolate, but add a black drip to a cake and it is suddenly extra bold and daring. I especially love the black cake showing through this cake also.

Black Drip Cake

The Black Galaxy Cake

So galaxies are naturally black with their beautiful swirls of color but bringing this idea to a cake was pure magic. You really feel as if you’re staring off into the vastness of space.

Black Galaxy Cake

The Black Backdrop Cake

The black backdrop cake is simply the concept of covering your cake in black icing as a backdrop to make your decorations really pop. These colorful flowers surely wouldn’t be so vivid on a white cake. Absolutely stunning!

Black Cake with Colorful Flowers

The Black Glam Rock Cake

Similar to the backdrop concept the newly emerged black glam rock cake lends a nice background for colorful sprinkles and candy with that edgy glam rock feel. So fun!

Black Glamrock Cake

On Sugar Geek Show Live Episode 5 Liz and Dan tried their hand at making their own version of Sweetapolita’s Black Glam Rock Cake and this was the result! I think it turned out fab but Liz had some trouble with the drip on this one. Check out the episode below to find out why.

Black Glam Rock Cake

So there ya go, who says black is only for Halloween? Rock those black cakes because black is the new black. Or the old black? Still Black? Oh you get where I’m going with that.

Shannon Patrick Mayes

Shannon Patrick Mayes

Shannon is the owner of SweetArt Cake Company in Lovell, Wyoming. Host of the YouTube channel The Sweet Spot, Shannon has been featured in several magazines including on the cover of Cake Masters. Blog writer and contributor to The Sugar Geek Show.

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