Add Isomalt to Your Cake Decorating Arsenal

One of the most intimidating techniques, isomalt is a delicate form of sugar work that requires patience, creativity and skill to pull off well. Adding isomalt to your cakes is a great way to up the wow factor and our tutorials make it simple to learn with step-by-step techniques.

Note: many cake tutorials feature more than one technique, including isomalt.

Latest Tutorials

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Moana Birthday Cake

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Conversation Heart Cake

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Elsa Bust Cake

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Barnacle Zombie Cake

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90s Cake

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Magic: The Gathering Cake

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Indian Elephant Showpiece

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Modern Geometric Cake

monster cake tutorial

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Holiday Isomalt Techniques

Holiday Isomalt Techniques

Star Trek Bust Cake Tutorial

Star Trek Will Riker Bust Cake

Blue Raptor Dinosaur Tutorial

Blue Raptor Dinosaur

Realistic Unicorn Cake Tutorial

Realistic Unicorn Cake

glitter eye tutorial

Edible Glitter Eye Tutorial

Dragon Castle Cake Tutorial

Dragon Castle Cake

Crab Cake Tutorial

Giant Crab Cake

Shark Cake Tutorial

Shark Cake

Tiger Cake Tutorial

Tiger Cake

Purple Bling Cake Tutorial

Purple Bling Cake

Hamburger Cake with Beer Gummy Tutorial

Hamburger and Beer Cake

Breakfast in Bed Cake Tutorial

Breakfast in Bed Cake

Egyptian Goddess Bust Cake Tutorial

Egyptian Goddess Bust Cake

Narnia Lamp Post Cake Tutorial

Narnia Lamp Post Cake

Hanging Christmas Wreath Cake Tutorial

Hanging Christmas Wreath Cake

Beachy Wedding Cake Tutorial

Beachy Wedding Cake

Hipster Zombie Cake Tutorial

Hipster Zombie Cake

Nurse Cake Tutorial

Nurse Cake

Porsche 911 Turbo Car Cake

Porsche 911 Turbo Car Cake

How to pour isomalt into molds

How to Pour Geode Crystal Molds

Kintsugi Crystal Geode Wedding Cake

Kintsugi Crystal Geode Wedding Cake

Isomalt Recipe

How To Cook Isomalt

Royal Gender Reveal Cake Tutorial

Royal Gender Reveal Cake

Macrame and Sugar Succulents Wedding Cake Tutorial

Macrame and Sugar Succulents Wedding Cake

Mirror Glaze Ocean Wave Cake Tutorial

Mirror Glaze Ocean Wave Cake

Space Dragon cake tutorial square thumbnail

Space Dragon Cake

Baby Pegasus Cake Tutorial with Feather Wings Purple Mane and Reflective Isomalt Water with Rocks

Baby Pegasus Cake

Geode Love Cake Tutorial

Geode Love Cake Tutorial

Wine Themed Mold Making Tutorial

Wine Themed Mold Making Tutorial

Glowing Rocket ship Cake

Glowing Rocket Ship Cake

edible beer bottle cake with realistic wooden barrel and sugar ice cubes

Beer Bottle Cake

Frozen Isomalt Cake

Frozen Elsa Isomalt Castle

Chibi Mermaid Cake

Chibi Mermaid Cake

Mermaid Queen Timelapse

Mermaid Queen Timelapse

Rock Candy Geode Topper

Rock Candy Geode Topper

Giant Cupcake Cake

Giant Cupcake

How to Make Isomalt Gems

How to Make Isomalt Gems

Wine Lovers Cake

Wine Lovers Cake

Sugar Geek Show