Woodland Baby Shower Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Learn how to create this wonderful woodland animal baby shower cake! Liz Marek breaks down all the steps in the process of making each tier, including how to make the bear, owl and deer’s details, how to create the cake topper ears and how to trim and arrange the foliage.

40:20 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a Woodland-themed baby shower cake
  • Learn how to easily sculpt and detail the bear, owl and deer faces
  • How to trim and arrange artificial foliage and how to work with cake dummies

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Covering The Bottom Tier In Fondant0:37
  2. Making The Bear Ears 6:34
  3. Painting The Bear Tier 7:24
  4. Adding The Bear Ears 9:39
  5. Making The Bear’s Face 11:01
  6. Covering The Owl Tier In Fondant 14:00
  7. Making The Owl Ears And Face 14:49
  8. Decorating The Owl Tier 18:43
  9. Making The Deer Ears 21:04
  10. Decorating The Deer Layer 22:56
  11. Making & Adding The Antlers 29:03
  12. Making The Spacer 30:51
  13. Stacking & Decorating 36:28
  14. Finishing Touches 38:36