Wedding Cake Spacers Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

This wedding cake with fresh flower spacers has been a highly requested tutorial for years and I’ve finally got it finished. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a structurally sound wedding cake with fresh flowers in between the cake tiers, marble fondant techniques and golden scrollwork detailing.

42:25 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to add styrofoam spacers between cake tiers for adding flowers
  • Learn how to arrange fresh flowers on a wedding cake
  • How to make a simple, clean wedding cake design using scroll molds

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Covering in fondant 0:39
  2. Assembling the structure 2:54
  3. The 12” tier 5:04
  4. The 10” and 8” tiers 9:50
  5. The 6” and 4” tiers 12:09
  6. Making side decorations 14:22
  7. Recap 23:52
  8. Preparing the flowers 25:36
  9. Arranging the flowers 33:08
  10. Stacking the cakes 37:55