Pods and Leaves Sugar Flower Tutorial

Skill Level: Intermediate
Discover how to create life like seed pods, variegated leaves, and berries alongside guest instructor, Shaile Socher.You’ll begin this tutorial with Shaile giving an overview on what you will be learning in this tutorial. Then you will be shown how to use different size leaf cutters to cut out the leaves before learning how to wire and shape each leaf. Next you will create a wire cage and use tear drop cutters to form realistic seed pods before creating very simple, true-to- nature berries. Moving on, Shaile will then demonstrate how adding just the right colors and details to the leaves, seed pods, and berries brings life and naturalism to each piece. Lastly, learn the very basic steps in putting together a prepossessing floral spray and how to delicately place your floral spray onto your cake, making it a captivating show stopper for all to enjoy!

Run Time


Techniques Used

  1. Gumpaste
  2. Using Cutters & Veiners
  3. Wire Cage for Pods

Tutorial Chapters

1. Variegated Leaves

  • 1:00: Making the Leaves
  • 26:10: Dusting the Leaves
  • 46:04: Glazing the Leaves
  • 52:31: Assembling the Leaves

2. Seed Pods

  • 7:29: Making the Pods
  • 32:10: Dusting the Pods
  • 47:27: Glazing the Pods
  • 54:10: Assembling the Pods

3. Simple Berries

  • 18:31: Making the Berries
  • 41:19: Dusting the Berries
  • 49:03: Glazing the Berries

4. Placing Floral Spray on the Cake