Sewing Machine Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest cake decorator Shannon Patrick Mayes returns to show off this amazing sewing machine cake tutorial. Shannon takes the popular sewing machine cake design a step further by making a vintage Singer sewing machine with a gravity-defying sewing needle, edible EVERYTHING, tons of details and details.

This cake is sure to please the sewing enthusiast in your social circle and the edible fabric can be adjusted and customized to many different designs and projects.

1:28:26 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to sculpt a vintage sewing machine out of cake
  • Learn how to create edible fabric and measuring tape
  • Shannon’s tips on how to get a gravity-defying cake structure
  • Learn how to create an edible spool of thread and pin cushion
  • How to get a machined look to your fondant for the sewing machine

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making tape measure 0:10
  2. Making edible fabric 1:38
  3. Making a pin cushion 3:55
  4. Making buttons 7:32
  5. Making pins & spool 8:29
  6. Cleaning up fabric & tape 12:44
  7. Demolding the spool 15:22
  8. Finishing pin cushion 19:48
  9. Making spool thread 25:25
  10. Making the structure 29:16
  11. Carving the cake 42:11
  12. Crumbcoating the cake 50:53
  13. Applying the fondant 55:23
  14. Adding machine seams to fondant 1:10:41
  15. Making final details 1:12:40
  16. Applying final details 1:20:51
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