Realistic Gumpaste Rose Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Arati Mirji joins us to teach a stunning course on how to create a realistic gumpaste rose. Arati breaks down how to make realistic roses that are so realistic, it’s hard to believe they aren’t real!

Learn Arati’s step-by-step process, including what type of gumpaste she uses, her tricks and techniques for making the petals and coloring the rose.

1:24:51 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a realistic and flexible gumpaste rose
  • Learn how to create the rose center and petals
  • How to create the leaves and calyx
  • Arati’s tips and tricks to get a beautiful realistic gumpaste flower

Realistic Gumpaste Rose Tutorial

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Variances of Gumpaste 0:27
  2. Unique qualities of Gumpaste 1:36
  3. Coloring the Gumpaste 4:16
  4. Preparing the paste 5:40
  5. Covering the center 16:49
  6. Assembling the petals 19:10
  7. Making 2nd set of petals 30:32
  8. Assembling 2nd set of petals 35:10
  9. Making 3rd set of petals 40:30
  10. Shaping 3rd set of petals 43:40
  11. Assembling 3rd set of petals 46:02
  12. Making 4th set of petals 50:32
  13. Shaping 4th set of petals 53:42
  14. Making the calyx 59:32
  15. Attaching the calyx 1:03:20
  16. Shaping the calyx 1:05:25
  17. Coloring the cream flower 1:06:22
  18. Making the leaves 1:13:40
  19. Coloring the leaves 1:17:26
  20. Assembling the leaves 1:21:28
  21. Attaching the leaves 1:23:43