Pulled Pork Sandwich Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Timbo Sullivan from Cakes by Timbo joins us today for his take on an awesome pulled pork sandwich style cake. Timbo brings his unique style and tricks to this project, creating a delicious sandwich with tools you probably already have laying around the kitchen.

To top it all off, Timbo adds edible french fries and ketchup on top of a sculpted wooden cake board. Awesome details like the pretzel bun, veggies and mayo push this design over the top. This cake is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any event!

58:16 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a pulled pork/brisket style sandwich from cake and edible materials
  • Learn how to make a pretzel bun and classic veggie fillings
  • Timbo’s tips and tricks to create realistic shading and wrinkles on the buns
  • How to make the edible french fries and ketchup
  • Learn how to create a realistic wooden cake board

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Texturing the board 0:34
  2. Airbrushing the board 3:54
  3. Making a shadow 7:55
  4. Preparing the cakes 9:52
  5. Making the buns 10:40
  6. Airbrushing the buns 21:34
  7. Preparing the fondant 27:17
  8. Making the veggies 29:09
  9. Making the pulled pork 34:18
  10. Adding the fillings 38:01
  11. Cutting the pretzel top 41:37
  12. Airbrushing the pretzel top 46:22
  13. Glazing the sandwich 49:48
  14. Adding pepper 51:22
  15. Making the french fries 52:08
  16. Airbrushing the french fries 54:58
  17. Finishing touches 56:27