Pizza Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Kristin Eagles is back for another wildly-realistic pizza cake! Kristin breaks down how to carve, decorate, and create this edible extravaganza that looks so much like the real thing, you might catch yourself saying, “Momma mia!”

Learn how to make the crust, cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni and seasonings that make this cake stand out for the pizza-lover who also likes cake!

46:31 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a hyper-realistic pizza cake
  • Learn how to create realistic grated and melted cheese, pepperoni, crust, pizza sauce and seasoning
  • How to correctly color-match and get the red, orange and yellow tones right

Cake sculpted to look like a pizza

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Carving The Cake 0:30
  2. Crumb Coating The Cake 7:23
  3. Making The Pizza Sauce 9:39
  4. Making The Fondant Crust 15:03
  5. Rolling Out The Fondant Crust 17:39
  6. Adding The Fondant Crust 20:56
  7. Adding The Pizza Sauce 25:56
  8. Adding The Almond 28:58
  9. Making The Pepperoni 31:04
  10. Adding The Cheese 33:03
  11. Adding The Pepperoni 35:12
  12. Painting The Cake 39:51
  13. Making and Adding The Seasoning 45:08