Macrame and Sugar Succulents Wedding Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

If you do a search for macrame on Pinterest, you might see everything from funky curtains to hanging plant holders. Just like most trends, macrame has become popular again but this time, we’re seeing it on high-end wedding cakes! So Sugar Geek Show has decoded the macrame puzzle and shows you exactly what to do and what KNOT to do in this fun tutorial.

To go with our Southern style macrame, we’ve developed a new take on the pretty succulent trend and gone full sugar! Clients will be wondering if these beauties are glass sculpture or edible treats. Lucky for them, they are both!

1:36:48 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Several techniques to get ultra-sharp fondant edges on square cakes
  • How to make time-saving macrame molds for short cake deadlines
  • How to make different types of succulents and cacti out of isomalt

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Traditional covering 1:20
  2. Pinching corner technique 7:29
  3. Paneling a square cake 11:20
  4. Useful mold materials and tools 20:02
  5. Mold making with rope 22:29
  6. Mold making with clay 26:44
  7. De-molding 38:08
  8. Stacking tiers 39:49
  9. Fondant fringe 40:42
  10. Weaving fondant 46:55
  11. Bottom tier borders 59:22
  12. Coloring isomalt 1:06:01
  13. Prickly pear cacti coloring 1:07:57
  14. Optional gold edges 1:17:24
  15. Making the heart succulent 1:18:34
  16. Assembling the heart succulent 1:24:36
  17. Mixing up the sizes 1:34:46
  18. Assembling the cake 1:35:58