Jewel-Toned Mexican Inspired Wedding Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

This wedding cake was created for a dear friend who wanted her cake to show the coming together of two cultures. I wanted to do something bold with deep jewel tones of purple and dark blue with pops of fuchsia flowers.

In this tutorial I show you how to do a two toned double barrel, how to use edible images in a design without them looking cheesy (free downloadable flowers) how to do some pretty piped accents, how to make some pretty traditional paper flags out of Photofrost sheets and how to arrange your pretty fuchsia flowers to accent your final cake.

1:10:16 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to evenly cover a cake tier in fondant
  • The paneling method to cover a tricky 4″ round tier in fondant
  • How to add 2 different fondant colors to a double barrel
  • How to use edible images to create a fantastic decoupage
  • A simple way to design the flags
  • Liz Marek’s way of arranging flowers on a cake

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Covering bottom tier 1:15
  2. Paneling 4″ round in fondant 7:28
  3. Covering the double barrel in 2 different colors of fondant 15:04
  4. How to get fondant to roll out rectangular 18:50
  5. Paneling the white fondant on the double barrel 24:40
  6. Cutting the flags 33:44
  7. Creating the flag designs 34:38
  8. Stacking the cake 39:32
  9. Applying the flags to the cake 41:40
  10. Decoupage Flowers 45:30
  11. Piping leaves with royal icing 50:26
  12. Painting the piping 1:00:42
  13. Assembling the flowers (flowers in separate tutorial) 1:02:26
  14. Sealing the cake 1:09:32