Floral Cascade Sugar Flower Arrangement

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Ashley Barbey is back with another stunning sugar flower tutorial. In this tutorial, Ashley breaks down how to make hydrangea flowers, realistic poppy flowers, vines leaves and strawberries.

Ashley also breaks down how to make traditional and modern floral cascades on a cake, offering tons of tips and tricks to help you better arrange flowers and floral sprays on your future projects.

2:16:28 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make sugar flower hydrangeas, poppies, poppy buds and strawberries
  • Learn to create realistic flowers, buds and berries
  • How to make a garden wall texture on a tiered cake
  • Ashley’s tips and tricks on how to create amazing floral cascades in a traditional and modern way

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Hydrangea centers 0:46
  2. Hydrangea flowers 4:44
  3. Dusting hydrangeas 12:43
  4. Assembling hydrangeas 23:09
  5. Making leaves 26:15
  6. Dusting leaves 35:14
  7. Compiling vines 38:26
  8. Making Strawberries 44:38
  9. Dusting strawberries 1:01:16
  10. Glazing strawberries 1:05:15
  11. Compiling strawberries 1:07:28
  12. Poppy centers 1:10:15
  13. Poppy flowers 1:23:48
  14. Poppy buds 1:40:06
  15. Texturing the cakes 1:47:14
  16. Sealing the cake 1:50:45
  17. Creating cascades 1:53:19
  18. Placing flowers 2:01:48