Encanto House Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

I got the chance to make an Encanto-themed birthday cake recently and wanted it to feature the house Casita from the movie. There’s many ways to approach house cakes, but for this project, I wanted to make something gravity-defying that felt like an homage to the popular topsy-turvy cakes that were really big when I was first getting into cake decorating so many years ago.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build the cake structure to support this unique design, how to add all the details to the house, and you will learn how to create an edible stucco texture on the cake tiers to make them look authentic. We also go over how to make edible tree leaves, how to pipe foliage details, and how to insert real flowers into the cake in a food-safe way.

Please note: the Encanto figurines are not part of this tutorial, they are 1.5″ tall action figures that were purchased at a retail store separately.

1:20:02 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a gravity-defying Encanto house cake
  • Learn how to create a realistic stucco texture
  • How to create edible roofing tiles
  • Learn how to make edible tree leaves
  • Liz’s tips and tricks to add details to this unique cake design

Cake sculpted to look like the House from the movie Encanto

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Overview Of The Structure 0:46
  2. Adding The Threaded Rod 9:09
  3. Coloring The Ganache 12:52
  4. Stacking The Lower Tier 13:19
  5. Texturing The Lower Tier 15:12
  6. Preparing The Second Tier 19:11
  7. Covering The Top Tier In Fondant 21:13
  8. Texturing The Second Tier Pt.2 24:45
  9. Making The Roof 26:13
  10. Texturing The Top Tier Pt.1 28:08
  11. Making The Roof Pt.2 29:47
  12. Texturing The Top Tier Pt.2 30:25
  13. Stacking The Middle Tier 30:49
  14. Making The Roof Pt.3 34:10
  15. Adding The Top Tier And Roof 34:32
  16. Coloring The Modeling Chocolate 39:23
  17. Making The Blue Door 43:06
  18. Preparing The Orange Tiles 46:16
  19. Dry Brushing The Cake 46:53
  20. Adding The Rock Texture 48:01
  21. Adding The Door Frame 50:02
  22. Adding The Blue Tiles 51:01
  23. Adding The Orange Tiles 52:23
  24. Making The Gold Door 54:48
  25. Making The Stairs 58:01
  26. Adding The Blue Details 59:24
  27. Preparing The Pink Window 59:41
  28. Adding The White Details 59:55
  29. Adding The Pink Window 1:00:55
  30. Adding The Orange Tiles & Details 1:01:13
  31. Adding The Turquoise Panel 1:04:10
  32. Preparing The Turquoise Square 1:05:29
  33. Adding The Blue Windows Pt.1 1:05:50
  34. Adding The Turquoise Square 1:06:23
  35. Coloring The Brown Modeling Chocolate 1:07:42
  36. Adding The Tree 1:08:41
  37. Painting The Gelatin Leaves 1:09:14
  38. Touching Up The House 1:10:18
  39. Adding The Brown Siding 1:11:07
  40. Adding The Candle 1:12:17
  41. Adding The Palm Tree 1:12:41
  42. Adding The Flowers 1:14:52
  43. Adding The Figurines 1:18:43