Dia de los Muertos Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Jennifer Reese is back with a festive Dia de los Muertos cake that’s sure to impress. In this course, Jennifer breaks down how to create edible pom-pom’s complete with tassels and edible fuzzy texture, how to create a beautiful wafer paper marigold using paper flower techniques, how to create the vibrant, colorful sarape tier using fondant with stitched detailing and how to create and decorate the sugar skull.

1:30:29 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create a Dia de los Muertos tiered cake
  • How to create the vibrant sarape tier with fondant and stitched details
  • Learn how to create an edible marigold flower out of wafer paper
  • How to make edible pom-poms and arrange them into a festive flourish on the cake

cake decorated to look like dia de los muertos with sugar skull

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making The Royal Icing Snow 0:58
  2. Making The Pom Poms 4:50
  3. Adding The Texture To The Pom Poms 9:29
  4. Putting The Pom Poms Together 12:45
  5. Making The Tassels 17:25
  6. Painting The Marigolds 19:50
  7. Curling The Petals 24:35
  8. Putting The Flowers Together 30:08
  9. Pouring The Chocolate Skull 34:12
  10. Unmolding The Chocolate Skull 41:56
  11. Painting The Sugar Skull Design 44:45
  12. Preparing The Serape Tier 49:40
  13. Making The Colored Strips 53:21
  14. Painting The Colored Strips 59:48
  15. Paneling The Serape Tier 1:06:40
  16. Detailing The Serape Tier 1:17:12