Converse Shoe Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Liz Marek breaks down how to create this hyper-realistic shoe cake based on the iconic Converse All-Star design. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Converse shoe cake under a time crunch, using techniques that speed up the process, like taking an actual shoe and disassembling it and making molds of the various pieces and parts to create a realistic recreation.

Liz breaks down how to mold the pieces, how to re-create the shoe in edible materials, how to adjust the shoe when parts don’t quite line up, how to achieve the various colors needed in modeling chocolate, and how to get the weathered look on the shoe which makes it look worn and used.

The clock is ticking, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started!

1:17:49 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a realistic Converse shoe cake
  • Learn how to make a cake under a time-crunch using techniques like disassembling and molding parts from a real shoe
  • How to color-match from an existing object
  • Techniques for adding weathered and worn details to the shoe

Tutorial Chapters

  1. The shoe template 0:22
  2. Molding the shoe 2:21
  3. Molding the shoe sides 5:01
  4. Unmolding the shoe pieces 11:39
  5. Cutting the cake 15:38
  6. Frosting the cake 18:26
  7. Shaping the cake 19:35
  8. Coloring modeling chocolate 21:58
  9. Making the sole 35:55
  10. Smoothing the buttercream 37:59
  11. Testing the molds 40:19
  12. Molding the heel 44:15
  13. Unmolding the sole 45:03
  14. Covering in ganache 45:58
  15. Making the side sole and toe 50:55
  16. Making the black panels 53:40
  17. Making the white toe 57:12
  18. Paneling the cake 57:59
  19. Making small details 1:00:36
  20. Adding the panels 1:02:27
  21. Making stitches and details 1:03:47
  22. Adding shoelaces 1:05:04
  23. Making the back rainbow 1:08:17
  24. Detailing the base 1:09:55
  25. Adding the details 1:11:47
  26. Logo and final details 1:14:04