Boho Birch Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

Boho is very on-trend right now. If you’ve been to Pinterest, you’ve already seen tons of examples of this pretty style, often including: touches of nature, wild flowers, feathers and pops of gold.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make super-realistic bark textures using your own homemade-molds, how to make pretty Boho style flowers including: the Juliet rose, miniature roses, pepper berries and leaves. You’ll also learn how to make realistic deer antlers which are also very on-trend right now. The perfect cake for a baby shower or birthday.

2:10:54 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a variety of flowers, leaves and berries including the Juliet rose, miniature roses and pepper berries
  • Liz Marek’s technique to create hyper-realistic birch
  • Learn how to sculpt deer antlers to elevate your boho cakes to another level
  • A cool technique to create stunning, realistic gold bird feathers

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Getting started with gumpaste supplies 1:44
  2. Making the Juliet rose center 3:44
  3. Creating the center petals 12:00
  4. Creating the second row of petals 17:10
  5. Assembling Juliet rose 20:04
  6. Making the miniature rose center 24:48
  7. Miniature rose outer petals 29:18
  8. Filler thin leaves 31:42
  9. Making rose leaves 36:52
  10. Creating the filler feathers 39:24
  11. Dusting the Juliet roses 44:58
  12. Dusting miniature roses 48:42
  13. Dusting the rose leaves 52:11
  14. Watercolor leaves 56:04
  15. Creating the pepper berries 58:46
  16. Golden feathers 1:00:10
  17. Building antler structure 1:01:52
  18. Sculpting antlers 1:12:46
  19. Painting the antlers 1:21:13
  20. Making birch molds 1:29:11
  21. Covering the cake 1:32:59
  22. Adding bark texture 1:37:08
  23. Painting and Texturing 1:45:08
  24. Food safety tips 1:57:24
  25. Placing antlers and flowers 1:59:35