When a Simple, Modern Wedding Cake Just Isn't Enough

Often the bread and butter of most cake decorators, wedding cakes need to be on-trend, fabulous and simply beautiful. We specialize in only the most elaborate, postmodern designs; cakes designed to make your clients go, "Wow!".

Latest Tutorials

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Floral Cascade Sugar Flower Arrangement

Modern Geometric Cake Tutorial

Modern Geometric Cake

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Mini Crystal Kintsugi Cake

Musical Wedding Cake Tutorial

Musical Wedding Cake

bean paste flower tutorial

Bean Paste Flower

Black Wedding Cake Tutorial

Black Textures Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake Basics Series

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Purple Bling Cake

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Beachy Wedding Cake

Kintsugi Crystal Geode Wedding Cake

Kintsugi Crystal Geode Wedding Cake

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Macrame and Sugar Succulents Wedding Cake

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Boho Birch Cake

Jewel toned Mexican Inspired Wedding Cake

Jewel-Toned Mexican Inspired Wedding Cake

fuchsia flowers buds and berries made from sugar and fondant

Fuchsia Flowers, Buds and Berries


Offroad Jeep Topper with Moving Topper

Pods and Leaves Sugar Flower Tutorial

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Mermaid Wash Hand Painted Cake

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Garden Flowers and Jasmine Sugar Flower

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Open Rose Sugar Flower

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Geode Love Cake Tutorial

Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Wedding Cake

Gumpaste Peony

Gumpaste Peony

Old Hollywood Cake

Old Hollywood Cake

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Rustic Textures Cake Tutorial

Gumpaste Lotus Flower

Gumpaste Lotus Flower

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