Cake Decorating Basics: Wedding Cakes

Skill level: Newb

Okay, you've got the fundamentals down of making a cake, but how do you actually get wedding cake clients? How do you get back to brides quickly while making cakes and getting approval of designs?

This series of tutorials covers the basics of wedding cakes, how to efficiently get back to prospective clients, how to get approval, how a typical cake tasting goes, ways to get started designing your own original cake designs, and how to actually make a semi-naked wedding cake.

After watching this series of tutorials, you will be equiped with the tools and tricks needed to get your work done, get a 100% signup rate from the cake tastings, get easy approval on cake designs, and knock out wedding cakes of your own.

2:17:40 Minutes of Instruction over 5 tutorials

  1. Wedding Cake Email Consultations

    Efficient Email Consultations

    Skill level: Newb

    Learn how to efficiently handle email exchanges between prospective clients in a way that is quick, easy and doesn't cause a lot of headaches.

  2. Designing Wedding Cakes from Pinterest

    Designing a Wedding Cake

    Skill level: Newb

    Learn how to design original wedding cake ideas from a bride's Pinterest board.

  3. what does fondant taste like

    All About the Cake Tasting

    Skill level: Newb

    Cake tastings: the all-important meeting between the bride-to-be and yourself.

    Liz Marek and her friends conduct a mock-tasting and show how a typical meeting would go, ways to run the meeting and remain in control, how to deal with off-topic ideas from the difficult mother-in-law, and how to get a down-payment on site.

  4. Cake Sketching Tutorial

    Cake Sketching

    Skill level: Newb

    After the cake tasting, you most likely have a scribbled half-sketch with some quick notes and ideas written down.

    Providing the client with a digital refined cake sketch is crucial to getting sign-off, especially on a new or creatively out-there design.

  5. Semi-Naked Cake Tutorial

    Semi-Naked Cake

    Skill level: Newb

    Liz Marek's take on the naked cake trend, updated to incorporate some modern trends in 2018, mainly the semi-naked look and fresh fruit and berries.