It Helped Me Grow My Business

"I found that the knowledge I gained from the tutorials was a tremendous asset to me and my cake decorating business. I made leaps and bounds in quality and techniques.

Having access to all of the information was the vital part to helping grow my business."

Shannon Patrick Mayes

Every Tutorial is Awesome

"I think the reason I dragged my feet at first before joining was because I knew I wanted to be an Elite member but was on the fence about committing to the $30/month.

I've subscribed to similar things in the past and found that the tutorials were a little on the weak side (or beginner at best) and always ended up disappointed. But every time a new tut showed up it was a no-brainier and the best $30 I spend every month.

The amount of new knowledge that was shared in every tutorial is worth 10x the price of the membership! I LOVE how many different techniques Liz shares and no two tuts are the same. You can't watch one and skip others because it is completely different information every time.

At first it seemed a little intimidating and how can I possibly ever do what she does... but then you start watching and they make it so simple and don't skimp on the details that you quickly realize that you don't have to be a sugar goddess to create amazing works of sweet sugary bliss. You get the tools to be amazing! Being a geek has taken my work to a whole new level!"

Melissa Archuleta

My Favorite Online Cake School

"Signing up was completely easy. The tutorials are very generous in the information they give, they give complete instruction so that everyone can be successful in their projects.

The instructions are so complete that any tutorial offered can be achieved. The tutorials absolutely open up a whole new way of caking - you are now only limited to your own imagination using these techniques.

I belong to about 5 membership sites and Sugar Geek Show is the absolute best - you get tutorials that are new, imaginative and 100% not run-of-the-mill techniques. Sugar Geek Show offers new, innovative and creative new techniques."

Sheri Johnson

Really Clear Instructions

"I have learned a lot of new techniques and skills. I have become more confident when making cakes because I feel like I have a larger skill set. I have made a lot of new friends and connections in the Sugar Geek Community. The fact that you can ask questions, advice, and share your work in the private Facebook group is really nice.

The tutorials make me step out of my comfort zone. Like the baby pegasus cake tutorial. I would probably never try making that on my own, but now that it’s on the website I can see step by step and it makes me more comfortable to try it.

Sugar Geek Show has amazing teachers and they explain everything so well. I've watched many tutorials where the instructor doesn't talk or just says go like this and doesn't explain anything so you have no clue what you are doing. Also, the tutorials are always so different each month. You really get a wide range of things.

When you realize how much you are actually getting then you see how good of a deal it is."

Hailey Harris

A Wide Range of Helpful Tutorials

"I love the Facebook group, and access to pretty much anything. Also the personal customer service.

It is totally affordable, and since joining, Sugar Geek Show has posted not just expert tutorials, which don't fit my market, but also beginner and intermediate attainable tuts, that are thorough, and complete, and the average caker can use and easily make us standouts in our local markets."

Lauren Cortesi

Inspiring Lessons

"I have no formal instruction so I had a hard time believing that I could ever recreate some of these cakes, but there are no insane instructions. I went from thinking there was no way I can pull off some of the tutorials to seeing I can really do this. The classes are easy to follow with highly-detailed instructions and no guesswork involved.

I'd like to tell anyone who will listen that this is the best instructional caking site ever!"

Shanelle Newton

Techniques that Empowered Me

"The best benefit as an elite member is to get permanent access to the new tutorials that come out while I'm a member.

I would say there is a lot of variety in the tutorials provided. Almost every video has more than one technique that you can learn from. Liz has such a creative mind but the way she can break down the pieces allows you to learn in small bits to create a big design.

The videos include unique cake techniques laid out in a way that you can use them on more than just the examples provided."

Lindsay Jenkins

Affordable On-Trend Tutorials

"I assumed Sugar Geek Show was going to be super expensive, but once I saw it was so reasonably priced, I was stoked. I was thrilled to see a huge range of tutorials available from beginner to super-advanced, on-trend tutorials which you just don't find anywhere else.

The cake decorating industry changes so often and Sugar Geek Show always shows us the up-and-coming trends and techniques. I never feel the need to look anywhere else."

Stacy Green

All Aspects of Cake Business

"I found more of my talent came out and I found that I am not afraid to try new things and techniques. I have learned so many things from baking to cake decorating... and I have actually found myself pushing my business in a different direction now.

I know how to do great structures now... I run my business, prices, interactions and deliveries on a much more professional level, and I use social media much better now and my photos are 100% better!

I recommend Sugar Geek Show on a daily basis because the tutorials and the community you become part of are amazing and life-changing and worth every penny. The recipes are pretty amazing also!"

Michelle Crumley

It's all About Community

"Sugar Geek Show tutorials are awesome but I find that the members-only forum on Facebook is priceless. The ability to ask questions in a time of need & get quick answers from other bakers has saved me many times.

I love Liz Marek's no B.S. attitude. She tells it like it is in her tutorials and I appreciate that.

You don't just gain tutorials with a membership, you gain a family who supports you."

Kara Walker

Relevant Cake Techniques

"I like the community that comes with being a Sugar Geek Elite. In addition to the great tutorials, access to the Sugar Geek Facebook group allows you to expand not only your skills, but meet, share and learn from fellow cake artists who are motivated to create at a higher skill level.

Since joining Sugar Geek Show I have seen first hand how detailed and relevant the material in the tutorials is. It helps you to develop skills that you can use beyond just creating the project featured in that particular tutorial and is very moderately priced for all the information you have access to.

I have seen a significant improvement in my cakes. I feel more confident in my work, and find it easier to design and execute cakes that I never would have attempted before.."

Heather Mullins

I Got Great Feedback

"The feedback from not only Liz Marek but other people on the site is awesome. Plus it's a great way to be able to learn my craft without leaving my home.

I belonged to a couple other sites like this and they weren't as open with the help. Also I love that Elite members get free gifts. That's a huge plus."

Rosie Eder