Imagine the Sculpted Cakes You Will Make

Cake sculpting sounds so complicated, but with our step-by-step lessons, you will find yourself gaining the cofidence to try and accomplish sculpted designs you never thought possible.

Latest Tutorials

Conversation Heart Cake Tutorial

Conversation Heart Cake

Baby Yoda Cake Step-by-Step Online Course

Baby Master Cake

Bulbasaur Cake Tutorial

Bulbasaur Cake

Elsa Bust Cake Tutorial

Elsa Bust Cake

Christmas Gift Cake Online Course

Christmas Present Cake

Barnacle Zombie Cake Tutorial

Barnacle Zombie Cake

Te Fiti Cake Tutorial

Te Fiti Cake

Rustic Bear Baby Shower Cake Online Course

Bear Baby Shower Cake

Solar System Space Cake Tutorial

Space Cake (Solar System)

Teddy Bear Cake Tutorial

Teddy Bear Cake

Indian Elephant Showpiece Cake Tutorial

Indian Elephant Showpiece

Horse & Rider Cake Topper Tutorial

Horse & Rider Cake Topper

Llama Cake Tutorial

No Prob Llama Cake

monster cake tutorial

Monster Cake

mini crystal kintsugi cake tutorial

Mini Crystal Kintsugi Cake

Cake Basics: Cake Structures

Cake Basics: Cake Structures

Champagne Bottle Cake Tutorial

Champagne Bottle Cake

Live Oak Tree Cake Tutorial

Live Oak Tree Cake

Star Trek Bust Cake Tutorial

Star Trek Will Riker Bust Cake

Howling Steampunk Wolf Cake Tutorial

Steampunk Wolf Cake

dinosaur egg cake

Dinosaur Egg Cake Tutorial

Blue Raptor Dinosaur Tutorial

Blue Raptor Dinosaur

rainbow fish cake tutorial

Rainbow Fish Tutorial

male face sculpting tutorial

Male Face Sculpting

Realistic Unicorn Cake Tutorial

Realistic Unicorn Cake

Mermaid Cake Tutorial

Mermaid Cake

Crab Cake Tutorial

Giant Crab Cake

Spongebob Cake Tutorial

Spongebob Cake

Taco Cake Tutorial

Taco Cake

Sewing Machine Cake Tutorial

Sewing Machine Cake

Shark Cake Tutorial

Shark Cake

Tiger Cake Tutorial

Tiger Cake

Tuffet Cake Tutorial

Tuffet Cake

Chocolate Skull Demo & Bust Cake

Hamburger Cake with Beer Gummy Tutorial

Hamburger and Beer Cake

Breakfast in Bed Cake Tutorial

Breakfast in Bed Cake

Gingerbread Man Cake

Gingerbread Man Cake

Egyptian Goddess Bust Cake Tutorial

Egyptian Goddess Bust Cake

Hanging Christmas Wreath Cake Tutorial

Hanging Christmas Wreath Cake

Hipster Zombie Cake Tutorial

Hipster Zombie Cake

But Themed Birthday Cake

Bug-Themed Birthday Cake

Porsche 911 Turbo Car Cake

Porsche 911 Turbo Car Cake

Gold Mine Birthday Cake Tutorial

Gold Mine Birthday Cake

Princess Mononoke Showpiece

Princess Mononoke Cake Showpiece

Introduction to Cake Sculpting

Introduction to Cake Sculpting

Rice Krispy Treats Recipe

Rice Krispy Treats Recipe

Pirate Ship Cake Tutorial

Pirate Ship Cake

Christmas Tree Cake

edible burrito cake sugar tomato wafer paper lettuce black beans mexican rice cheese tortilla cake tutorial

Realistic Burrito Cake

day of the dead dia de los muertos sugar skull with chocolate flowers cake tutorial

Sugar Skull Cake

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake

Female Bust Cake Mini Tutorial Free Class

Female Bust Cake

Wonder Woman Cake Tutorial Square Thumbnail

Wonder Woman Cake Tutorial

Baby Pegasus Cake Tutorial with Feather Wings Purple Mane and Reflective Isomalt Water with Rocks

Baby Pegasus Cake

Face Sculpting on a Chocolate Skull Tutorial for Premium and Elite Members Only

Face Sculpting with a Chocolate Skull

Baseball Glove Cake Tutorial by Sara Myers

Baseball Glove Cake

Hulk Fist Sculpting Tutorial

Hulk Fist Tutorial

T-Rex Dinosaur Walkman Cake

Tyrannosaurus Walkman Cake Tutorial

Glowing Rocket ship Cake

Glowing Rocket Ship Cake

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Cake

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Cake

edible beer bottle cake with realistic wooden barrel and sugar ice cubes

Beer Bottle Cake

Puppy Topper

Puppy Topper

Kitten Topper

Kitten Topper

Heart Pizza Cake

Pizza Cake

Face Sculpting with Modeling Chocolate

Face Sculpting with Modeling Chocolate

Realistic BBQ Cake

BBQ Cake

Edible Cutting Board

Edible Cutting Board

Fishing Cake

Fishing Cake

Chibi Mermaid Cake

Chibi Mermaid Cake

Skiing Sasquatch Cake

Skiing Sasquatch Cake

Mermaid Queen Timelapse

Mermaid Queen Timelapse

Giant Cupcake Cake

Giant Cupcake

Spiderman Cake

Spider-Man Cake

Scary Zombie Cake

Scary Zombie Cake

Hamburger Cake (PDF Tutorial)

Wine Lovers Cake

Wine Lovers Cake

Birds in a Tree Cake

Birds Tree Book Cake

Sugar Geek Show