Geode Heart Topper

Skill level: Newb

Learn how to make a really pretty Geode Cake Topper in the shape of a heart! Sweet as sugar just like your valentine! A lot easier to make than you think!


  1. Spray your tinfoil with a little vegetable oil and wipe off the excess
  2. Form your tinfoil into a long trough about 14″ long and seal the ends by pinching the tinfoil together
  3. Melt down your clear isomalt and divide into three silicone containers
  4. Color one container white, one medium purple and one dark purple with food coloring
  5. Pour your white isomalt in first, then your medium then the clear.
  6. Top with purple sugar crystals and disco dust
  7. Let sugar set a few minutes until half-set but still soft

  8. Pull off the aluminum foil and shape into a heart

  9. Form the ends around a wooden skewer, soften the sugar with a creme brulee torch if needed

  10. Let heart cool until set

  11. Paint the edges with gold and place into the cake

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