Amazing Edible Art for a Great Cause

Most people can appreciate art but edible art adds a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’ that impresses people even more. Although most of the time people look at the amazing art and couldn’t fathom eating it so perhaps we are defeating the purpose of cake but that’s not going to stop us from trying to create things that make people say “that’s a cake?!”

Sweet Fairytales is a sugar art collaboration put together by Liz Marek to re-create some of your favorite Nursery Rhymes into sugar and support Project Night Night; a wonderful non-profit organization that provides blankets, a stuffed animal and a book to children in need.

Being in this collaboration was a huge honor for all of us and an absolute blast. The works of art that came out of it are incredible and put together into a fun Fairy Tale book for all ages to enjoy. The book is available for digital as well as printed purchase from Amazon!  All proceeds go directly to Visit the link above to visit the Sweet Fairy Tale website and learn more about the collaboration and see all of the incredible works of art, then get a copy of Sweet Fairytales to give to this amazing cause!

Many of the rhymes you will recognize such as Little Bo Peep or Jack and others may not be as familiar such as The Girl and the Birds or Elly the Elephant but all are enjoyable for anyone from ages 0-92. After that not much of anything would be enjoyable I don’t imagine.

I remember while Kay Gajra was making her piece and posting progress photos in the group she told us about how her children love the tale of Humpty Dumpty and wanted him to have a pet chicken (catch the irony?) named Dora and so she included that in her piece which makes it even more unique.

Melodie Walenius shares a very personal and touching story in the book for why she chose to do There was an Old Woman. “My entire life I wanted to have as many children as the Old Woman in the Shoe” Melodie states going on to explain the trials she has faced with having children and the symbolism in her piece. In the book, each piece has an explanation by the artist for why they chose the rhyme they did and they are wonderful stories to read, yet another reason to go purchase the book, like now…please 🙂 Did I mention 100% of the sale proceeds of the book go to the charity Project Night Night?

Overall Sweet Fairy Tales comes down to an amazing group of talented artists that want to use their gift to do good and make a difference. That, my friends, is good karma waiting to happen.