Working Gumball Machine Cake

Skill level: Advanced

This jaw-dropping gumball machine cake comes courtesy of guest instructor Shannon Mayes of SweetArt Cake Company and YouTube channel The Sweet Spot.

In addition to being our super-awesome blogger here on Sugar Geek Show, Shannon drops some crazy knowledge in this tutorial. Guests and kids alike will be amazed at this realistic gumball machine with it’s edible globe and turning knob that actually releases gumballs into the chute below.

You might be wondering where to stick a quarter into this cake, but have no fear, Shannon breaks every step down, taking you through the entire process from structure to carving and assembly.

2:53:00 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make an edible glass globe that holds the gumballs
  • Learn how to create the internal structure needed to pull off this cake’s gumball machine
  • Several tips and tricks to give this cake a level of polish

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the vintage checkered cake board 1:00
  2. Creating the gumball machine structure 4:08
  3. Making the gumball stand 10:02
  4. The gumball machine cake 38:45
  5. Making the gumball mechanism 1:15:44
  6. Making the gumball globe 2:23:21
  7. Attaching globe to the cake 2:41:11
  8. Filling the gumball machine 2:46:20