Wonder Woman Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Advanced

This wonder woman cake is one of our most advanced tutorials ever and has flown in on an invisible airplane! This wonder woman cake is 100% sculpted cake and has an elaborate cake structure.

Liz shows you how to sculpt the wonder woman face out of modeling chocolate, how to create gravity defying hair and tons of practical information on anatomy and proportions.

This wonder woman cake is life-sized and definitely takes some time but you’ll learn SO much about anatomy and cake sculpting, you’ll feel much more confidant in your anatomy sculpting.

1:19:13 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to build the wonder woman cake structure
  • Tips and tricks on how to figure out the anatomy of the figure
  • How to carve down the cake and add modeling chocolate
  • How to create gravity defying hair
  • Learn how to sculpt a beautifully realistic face with realistic proportions

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