Whiskey Barrel Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Cheers! I had the privilege of making a 40th birthday cake for a whiskey connoisseur and his closest friends.

This cake features a realistic whiskey barrel shape, edible metal details, a marbled cake board, a rounded bottom that seamlessly supports the cake and a working spigot inside that will let you put whiskey (or whatever beverage you are legally allowed to serve) at the event. This cake was a show-stopper, several attendants couldn’t believe that it actually was cake or that it held whiskey inside.

1:41:13 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a realistic whiskey barrel cake with a working spigot inside
  • Learn how to create a rounded cake base without using rice cereal treats
  • How to add engraved lettering to a cake design
  • Learn how to add a working spigot to the cake that can be filled with any drink

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Measuring the styrofoam base 1:14
  2. Carving the styrofoam base 5:42
  3. Building the cake stand 9:03
  4. Cutting threaded rod 13:57
  5. Preparing the board 14:56
  6. The whiskey spigot structure 29:01
  7. Stacking the cake 35:50
  8. Adding a middle cake board 44:34
  9. Adding straw supports 49:00
  10. Carving the cake 50:30
  11. Cutting the whiskey container 56:10
  12. Covering in buttercream 57:47
  13. Covering in fondant 1:02:56
  14. Pressing in letters 1:08:41
  15. Airbrushing the cake 1:17:38
  16. Decorating the board 1:26:22
  17. Barrel details 1:33:11