Virgo Portrait Showpiece Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Liz Marek creates a fantasy-inspired portrait of the Virgo sign. Learn how to sculpt and detail the Virgo’s face using edible materials like modeling chocolate and fondant, without having to use a chocolate skull mold. Liz breaks down how to create the facial features (please note: you will need to pour isomalt eyes using a mold if you want the eyes to be edible) including the nose, cheeks, eye lids, ears and lips.

Liz showcases how to make edible flowers from wafer paper and how to arrange them into a beautiful flower laurel for the portrait.

There’s a lot to cover in this tutorial, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started!

1:30:34 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a fantasy-inspired portrait from edible materials, no skull molds required
  • Learn how to sculpt the facial features including the nose, cheeks, lips, and ears
  • How to create realistic hair
  • Learn how to create the edible flower arrangements and wooden bark
  • How to paint makeup onto the Virgo’s face with petal dust

Cake sculpted to look like a portrait

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Building The Structure 0:15
  2. Adding Bulk To The Head 4:55
  3. Adding Bulk To The Chin 6:46
  4. Measuring The Face 8:05
  5. Sculpting The Eye Socket And Face 8:57
  6. Sculpting The Chin 12:00
  7. Adding The Eyes 12:41
  8. Sculpting The Mouth 15:05
  9. Sculpting The Nose And Detailing 20:25
  10. Defining The Jaw & Skull 27:47
  11. Adding & Shaping The Ears 31:49
  12. Building Up The Body & Neck 37:05
  13. Coloring & Rolling The Fondant 43:23
  14. Adding The Fondant 44:37
  15. Detailing The Fondant 45:21
  16. Covering The Neck In Fondant 53:15
  17. Adding The Tree Texture 54:45
  18. Detailing The Eyes And Face 59:48
  19. Contouring The Face 1:05:05
  20. Adding The Eyelashes And Details 1:07:09
  21. Adding The Hair 1:10:05
  22. Making The Leaves And Flowers 1:17:20
  23. Making The Flower Crown 1:22:19
  24. Adding The Flower Crown 1:28:10