Vintage Birthday Cake

Skill level: Intermediate

Would you like to create a one of a kind cake, full of character? If you are an old soul or know someone who is then this vintage birthday cake tutorial is perfect for you!

In this tutorial you will find out how to make edible lace using a wonderful new product from Flexique called Flexique Lace. With Liz as your guide, you will learn how to apply this gorgeous lace to a piece of modeling chocolate to create a beautifully unique chocolate crown.

Learn how to create adorable Flexique ruffles by brushing the Flexique onto printed wafer paper of your choice before cutting the wafer paper into strips and preparing them to be placed into the bottom tier. Liz will show you how to panel a 6″ dummy cake with modeling chocolate and how to use molds around the top and bottom borders giving the tier more of an old-style charm. Watch as you are creatively taught how to make a pink paint color that you will then use to paint the 6″ tier before learning how to create a shabby chic appearance by distressing the tier with foil. You will then be shown how to place the Flexique ruffles onto the bottom tier using toothpicks and how to properly assemble the entire cake. Lastly, learn how little details such as adding gold painted pearls for borders and a touch of pink paint to the chocolate crown aid in tying all of the tiers together creating a flowing piece of art. This tutorial is filled with many new techniques that will leave your guests wondering just how you did it!

25:44 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to make realistic edible fabric ruffles out of Flexique
  • How to create an awesome shabby chic tier and crown details
  • Create edible lace and learn how to create rustic detailed scrollwork

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the Edible Lace 0:28
  2. Creating a Chocolate Crown 3:18
  3. Making Edible Fabric 5:29
  4. Making the Flexique Ruffles 6:37
  5. Paneling the Top Tier 8:01
  6. Adding Details to Top Tier 13:18
  7. Making Pink Paint Color 17:00
  8. Brushing Pink Paint onto the Crown 19:46
  9. Assembling the Lower Tier 20:07
  10. Distressing the Paint on Top Tier 23:37
  11. Creating the Support for the Top Tier 24:32
  12. Placing Pearl Border on the Top Tier 24:57