Valentine’s Day Mirror Glaze Heart Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Newb

In this live video (previously recorded), Liz Marek demos how to use a heart-shaped mirror glaze mold to create a beautiful mirror glaze cake in the shape of a heart candy.

Don’t forget to check out our mirror glaze recipe to create this stunning look for Valentine’s Day!

20:22 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to use Liz Marek’s heart-shaped mold to create a seamless heart design
  • Learn how to pour the mirror glaze to get that shiny look
  • How to create a candy-bar texture inside the cake for a delicious dessert treat

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Learn how to make this mirror glaze heart cake, just in time for Valentine's Day! This delicious dessert packed with strawberries, candy bar bits, and a special Guinness beer cake is the perfect decadent candy for him or her this holiday. Learn the step-by-step instructions easily with Liz Marek as she works live (previously-recorded). Click through for full tutorial data-lazy-srcset= >>” width=”1530″ height=”857″>