Rainbow Troll Cake Topper

Skill level: Intermediate

What do you make for a 5 year old girl who’s obsessed with rainbows, unicorns, Trolls and Star Wars? The rainbow drip cake of course!

This cake can be adapted to switch up the details to any design and character. Perfect for the little indecisive cake lover in your life 🙂

1:10:03 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to sculpt a cute troll cake topper
  • Learn how to make frizzy hair with a cool and easy technique
  • How to keep accurate proportions when creating a popular character
  • Liz Marek’s take on the rainbow drip cake

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Building the Rainbow topper 0:40
  2. Troll body structure 6:37
  3. Building with proportions 11:32
  4. Making the clothes 28:50
  5. Troll face 34:11
  6. Detailing the clothes 45:51
  7. Making the hair 48:36
  8. Finishing details 57:42
  9. Making rainbow buttercream 1:00:28
  10. Adding drip to cake 1:06:02
  11. Final details 1:08:11