Topsy Turvy Tea Party Birthday Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

For Avalon’s birthday party this year, the theme was cats and tea parties, or a “kit-tea” party. Avalon didn’t want cats on the cake (because why would cats eat cats?) so we went with mice, teapots and lots and lots of bubbles.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful tea party cake with a classic gravity-defying topsy turvy design with a twist, there’s a floating element to each tier allowing bubbles or flowers to be put between the tiers. You’ll learn how to create this structure which opens up possibilities for all sorts of interesting designs.

There’s a lot to cover in this tutorial, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started!

1:14:52 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create a gravity-defying topsy turvy cake
  • How to sculpt and create mice, teapots and bubbles
  • Learn how to make a floating teapot stream and wafer paper sails

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Overview of the materials 0:42
  2. Making the structure 3:16
  3. Covering in fondant 16:25
  4. Stacking the cakes 24:01
  5. Making the chocolate bubbles 25:25
  6. Making the wafer paper sails 28:44
  7. Making the teacups 33:37
  8. Making the teapot base & spout 41:38
  9. Adding the teapot 46:30
  10. Making the water ganache 56:38
  11. Adding the water ganache drip 57:14
  12. Adding the teacups & mice: part 1 58:34
  13. Making the water spout 1:03:55
  14. Adding the teacups & mice: part 2 1:06:10
  15. Painting the decorations 1:09:29
  16. Adding the chocolate bubbles 1:11:46
  17. Attaching the wafer paper fan 1:15:05