Teddy Bear Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

The last of our cake structure basics series, the teddy bear cake is a great example of how to use PVC materials to make a standing figure cake. This cute teddy bear has a furry texture created with buttercream, cake and rice cereal inside along with fondant accents to make an adorable show-stopper for a birthday party, special occasion or baby shower!

1:21:58 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create a textured teddy bear cake out of buttercream
  • How to make a standing animal cake structure
  • Learn how to make a buttercream fur texture
  • Scaling and sculpting

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Tools and materials 0:39
  2. Setting the scale 12:14
  3. Cutting PVC and adjusting 18:47
  4. Assembling 28:17
  5. Adding rice cereal 43:23
  6. The chocolate base of the body48:07
  7. Stacking cake of the body49:04
  8. Trimming cake of the body51:50
  9. The chocolate base 54:36
  10. Stacking cake of the head55:25
  11. Trimming cake of the head56:48
  12. The arms 59:23
  13. The ears 1:04:51
  14. The nose 1:07:51
  15. The fur 1:11:53
  16. Finishing the ears 1:18:01
  17. Finishing the eyes 1:18:41
  18. The tail 1:19:11
  19. The paws 1:19:41
  20. Finishing the board 1:20:08