Te Fiti Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

You guys have been asking for an all cake bust tutorial so here it is! This Tefit cake is made out of all cake!

Learn how to sculpt the body and head out of all cake, how to add realistic features, and a gravity defying hand, gumpaste flowers and the mossy texture of Te Fiti. You’ll also learn how to make some really cool isomalt effects like the glowing heart of Te Fiti and the isomalt water board.

1:55:38 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to plan out cake tiers in a sculpted cake and estimate how many cake servings you will get from this sculpted cake
  • Tons of tips and tricks on sculpting Te Fiti from all cake (no rice cereal treats)
  • Learn to make a hibiscus flower and stephanotis with gumpaste
  • How to hand-paint the isomalt eyes
  • Learn how to cover a cake board with isomalt

Te Fifi Cake Online Course Tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to make a sculpted cake that looks like Te Fiti!

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Te Fiti template 0:36
  2. Building the structure 5:15
  3. Sculpting the cakes 10:20
  4. Making the neck and face 20:44
  5. Making the hair 26:06
  6. Shaping the arms and bust 27:23
  7. Ganaching the cake 30:58
  8. Making Stephanotis 32:58
  9. Making a hibiscus 38:39
  10. Hibiscus center 46:26
  11. Dusting the hibiscus 49:25
  12. Assembling the hibiscus 58:00
  13. Creating the face 1:01:08
  14. Making isomalt eyes 1:12:10
  15. Painting the eyes 1:15:17
  16. Covering the front in fondant 1:19:49
  17. Shaping the face 1:21:41
  18. Covering the back in fondant 1:28:07
  19. Making the arm 1:31:12
  20. Covering the arm 1:34:57
  21. Adding Moana 1:38:58
  22. Airbrushing and painting 1:40:11
  23. Isomalt board 1:43:57
  24. Piping vines and leaves 1:47:18
  25. Finishing the board 1:50:13
  26. Adding the flowers 1:54:28