Taco Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

It’s taco tuesday and what better way to celebrate than by having guest instructor Joyce Marcellus teach us how to make an awesome taco cake. Joyce brings several techniques and tips that will get your food cakes looking incredibly lifelike!

48:00 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create a realistic taco cake
  • Joyce Marcellus’ unique trick to getting consistent color tones on her realistic ground beef
  • How to make realistic cheese, beef and lettuce
  • Learn how to make edible nachos and cheese dip side dish

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the lettuce 0:16
  2. Making ground beef 2:27
  3. Coloring ground beef 3:49
  4. Making the taco shell 10:02
  5. Making taco shell structure 12:30
  6. Rolling out the taco shell 14:51
  7. Making mini tacos 20:00
  8. >Making the cheese 21:54
  9. Finishing lettuce 24:29
  10. Airbrushing lettuce 26:14
  11. Finishing the cheese 27:59
  12. Carving the cake 28:59
  13. Applying the toppings 32:14
  14. Making hot sauce packets 34:36
  15. Making the taco sauce 37:33
  16. Making the nacho chips 42:07
  17. Making the nacho dip 45:05
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