Sugared Sheet Wedding Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

The sugared sheet technique is the latest trending technique that brides everywhere are asking for. This technique combines the jewelstone beauty of the past geode cake trends with a clean, modern look that’s sure to satisfy brides wanting the best of both worlds.

Easily colored and versatile, this technique is one of the more difficult looks to pull off. In this tutorial, I cover how to achieve sugared sheets using different materials, as well as how to fix problems you might have with applying the sheets to the tiers.

Gelatin sails and string lights combine to create a stunning look that will wow wedding guests and please brides looking for a unique take on current trends.

1:00:15 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create the sugared sheet technique and how to apply it to cake tiers
  • How to beautiful abstract elements using gelatin
  • Learn how to add string lights to make the sugared sheets pop
  • Tips and tricks for getting your sugared sheets to stick and avoid cracking or falls

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Preparing the sugar 1:03
  2. 6” sugared sheet 3:04
  3. Rolling the sugar crystals 11:21
  4. Sanding sugar 16:51
  5. 8” sugared sugar crystals 20:31
  6. Painting the edge with gold 32:11
  7. Making the gelatin sail 34:19
  8. Wafer paper petals 39:19
  9. Adding a tea light 43:52
  10. Gelatin sheets 46:10
  11. Stacking the cakes 49:39
  12. Adding lights to the cake 50:22
  13. Adding final decorations 55:49