Sugar Flowers 101 Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Guest instructor Alexandria Murray of Fine Spun Cakes joins us today to deliver a step-by-step class on constructing, dusting and arranging sugar flowers. Alexandria offers loads of tips and tricks on how to create a wildflower arrangement out of gumpaste and wafer paper.

Alexandria breaks down how to create hypericum berries, lilacs, daisies with pollen in the center, as well as wafer paper leaves to create a stunning arrangement.

1:38:49 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create a wild flower arrangement using gumpaste and wafer paper
  • How to craft sugar flowers using a clear, concise process
  • Alexandria breaks down dusting flowers into repeatable steps
  • Learn tips on how to arrange flowers as a focal piece on a cake

Tutorial Chapters

  1. The berry tools 0:57
  2. Coloring the gumpaste 2:17
  3. Making the berries 4:33
  4. Making the berry calyx 8:23
  5. The daisy tools 12:43
  6. Making the daisy centers 17:15
  7. Dipping the daisies 21:10
  8. Making daisy petals 23:03
  9. The lilac tools 35:47
  10. Making the lilacs 40:04
  11. Coloring wafer paper leaves 48:40
  12. Cutting and shaping leaves 58:11
  13. Attaching leaves and wires 1:03:09
  14. Dusting the flowers 1:10:31
  15. Taping the flowers 1:18:27
  16. Assembling the flowers 1:26:45