Steampunk Wolf Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

This howling wolf cake is a great tutorial for learning how to create an angled structure, incorporating stacked cake and RKT for filler to control the size and weight of the finished cake, creating fun details using modeling chocolate, simple airbrushing and metallic painting. You’ll even learn how to create a fun, slate texture for the floor.

56:48 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a fun steampunk wolf cake design
  • Learn how to make an angled cake structure
  • How to stack a tall cake in a way that makes serving slices easy
  • Learn how to airbrush using cocoa butter and get a metallic finish

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the structure 0:10
  2. Prepping the cake board 3:16
  3. Making structure food-safe 8:24
  4. Prepping structure for cake 9:03
  5. Building up the bottom 10:51
  6. Stacking the cake 13:34
  7. Carving down the cake 16:23
  8. Applying crumbcoat 18:39
  9. Building up the back legs 19:38
  10. Building up neck & head 20:19
  11. Carving the wolf 23:23
  12. Final crumbcoat 25:24
  13. Making tile floor 26:47
  14. Attaching tiles 29:33
  15. Piping the grout 34:10
  16. Building up the metal 36:07
  17. Designing the head 43:17
  18. Adding metal to the other side 46:06
  19. Covering the tail 47:52
  20. Airbrushing with cocoa butter 48:34
  21. Finishing paint 54:53

Sculpted Steampunk Wolf Cake Tutorial

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