Sportsball Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Batter up! This online course features something I know almost nothing about— SPORTS!!

For this cake, I wanted to try putting together all of the sports-related balls and make a gravity-defying project with a twist… all of the chocolate spheres except the bottom are hollow, made from tempered chocolate, with candy inside for a smashing surprise.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to mold a football, basketball, baseball and golf ball out of chocolate, how to fill them with candies and provide support, how to make the soccer ball out of cake and decorate it to look just like the real thing.

50:44 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a gravity-defying cake that looks like a realistic basketball, soccer ball, football, golf ball and baseball
  • Learn how to make several balls out of tempered chocolate with candy inside like a pinata
  • How to create an internal structure that supports the gravity-defying structure

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Molding The Chocolate 0:29
  2. Stacking The Cakes 1:57
  3. Assembling The Soccer Ball Cake 3:57
  4. Coloring The Chocolate 9:13
  5. Molding The Basketball 10:52
  6. Painting The Basketball 11:43
  7. Putting The Basketball Together 12:21
  8. Molding The Chocolate Football 15:12
  9. Unmolding The Football 17:29
  10. Painting The Football 17:55
  11. Putting The Football Together 19:26
  12. Molding The Baseball 21:08
  13. Coloring The Chocolate 22:09
  14. Putting The Baseball Together 23:11
  15. Making The Golf Ball 24:45
  16. Making The Chocolate Pipes 26:07
  17. Covering The Cake Board In Fondant 27:19
  18. Adding The Threaded Rod 29:45
  19. Covering The Soccer Ball In Fondant 31:31
  20. Adding The Chocolate Pipe 37:47
  21. Adding The Fondant Panels 40:48
  22. Adding The Buttercream Grass 45:06
  23. Putting It All Together 46:58