Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake

Skill Level: Intermediate
In this tutorial learn how to create the golden wings for the Snitch using flexique and wafer paper as well as the gravity defying structure. Then, using a sphere pan, you will bake, torte, fill, and frost the cakes to create a perfectly round and smooth sphere before carefully covering it in fondant and adding the design details to the sphere using the templates found in the downloadable materials. Moving on you will paint the sphere gold using a gold dust of your choice. In conclusion, you will add the quote to the center of the sphere and then, using straws, attach the golden wings to the sphere thus creating your very own Golden Snitch.

Run Time


Techniques Used

  1. Flexique
  2. Wafer Paper
  3. Building the Structure
  4. Fondant

Tutorial Chapters

  • 0:09Making the Wings
  • 5:16Prepping the Cake Board & Structure
  • 11:06Making the Cake Sphere
  • 18:02Covering with Fondant
  • 19:33Adding Details to the Sphere
  • 25:24Painting the Sphere Gold
  • 26:53Adding the Quote
  • 28:24Attaching the Wings