Sculpted Crab Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Liz Marek returns to teach her award-winning giant sculpted crab cake tutorial. This gravity-defying piece stands over a beach and showcases realistic textures and details. Learn how to create a jaw-dropping piece from start to finish.

Please note: the final competition piece had a cake topper figurine that is not featured in this tutorial.

1:40:16 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create a realistic giant sculpted crab cake
  • How to make a gravity-defying cake structure
  • Learn how to sculpt modeling chocolate into highly detailed crab legs
  • Several tips and tricks for airbrushing cocoa butter colors
  • Learn how to create a realistic beach branch and ocean water from sugar

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Making the cake structure 0:10
  2. Bending threaded rod 2:54
  3. Assembling structure 4:52
  4. Adding armature wire 7:29
  5. Making the crab legs 10:49
  6. Adding the cake to crab 35:34
  7. Defining top of crab 37:22
  8. Ganache crumb coat 39:19
  9. Covering cake in fondant 41:04
  10. Defining the eye sockets 42:07
  11. Carving the beach 45:49
  12. More crab details 51:01
  13. Adding the sand 52:02
  14. Airbrushing the crab indentations 54:06
  15. Adding carapace texture 56:58
  16. Airbrushing crab blue 58:48
  17. Edge highlighting 1:00:44
  18. Airbrushing highlights 1:01:43
  19. Cleaning your airbrush 1:07:18
  20. Making textured fondant 1:07:46
  21. Making Rocks 1:09:48
  22. Covering cake in fondant 1:10:16
  23. Adding beach water 1:11:56
  24. Airbrushing beach 1:17:54
  25. Adding shine to water 1:18:53
  26. Adding beach wood supports 1:19:50
  27. Making beach wood branch 1:20:44
  28. Adding texture onto branch 1:21:37
  29. Making crab eyes 1:25:26
  30. Adding shine to crab 1:27:27
  31. Adding crab armor (timelapse) 1:28:03
  32. Finishing the eyes 1:37:19

Sculpted Crab Cake Tutorial

This sculpted crab cake tutorial is an award-winning cake design. It was entered into the sculpted cake category at SoFlo cake and candy expo and won first place. The sculpted crab cake also won Liz a chance to compete in the FIPGC competition later this year in Atlanta. If Liz qualifies, she’ll be traveling to Italy to represent the USA in the world pastry championships.

sculpted crab cake tutorial

Sculpted Crab Cake Structure

Liz teaches us how she created her amazing structure for this sculpted crab cake. You might not be able to tell but the crabs legs are only attached to the cake in two spots. Each leg was individually sculpted and detailed for a super realistic look. The land the sculpted crab cake is sitting on is all made of cake as well and textured to look like super realistic rocks.

Some of the techniques Liz covers in this tutorial is creating realistic rock textures, wood textures, realistic sand, isomalt water effects and of course the crab.