Scorpion Cake Tutorial

Skill level: Intermediate

Today’s tutorial is an awesome, gravity-defying scorpion cake! This cake was created for a lucky 5-year old bug and insect lover and he was blown away by it.

There’s several tips and tricks in this tutorial including how to make a sandy dessert texture, the gravity-defying structure of the scorpion and all the cool little details on the arachnid, and how to create the shiny number 5. Without further ado, let’s get our tools together and get started!

38:28 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to make a sculpted realistic edible scorpion sitting on a sand cake
  • Learn how to create this gravity-defying structure for the scorpion
  • How to create a cracky edible dessert texture
  • Learn how to paint the details and color the scorpion to look just like real-life

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Frosting the cake 0:24
  2. Making the body structure 3:24
  3. Making the legs structure 8:22
  4. Covering the cake in fondant 10:10
  5. Covering the scorpion bottom 13:39
  6. Building up the body and legs 15:48
  7. Making the claws 19:23
  8. Making the body and tail 20:46
  9. Finishing the tail 26:36
  10. Adding the claws 31:15
  11. Painting the scorpion 34:20
  12. Adding the scorpion 37:01